Orthopedic Issues And Workplace Safety: Tips For Prevention And Treatment

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It is better to take preventive steps initially rather than reaching the edge of worse consequences and repenting it. Whenever there is a medical emergency, taking an immediate call for the perfect cure is a must. It is true for the case of an orthopedic disorder and injury.

Hence, avoiding them is the first thing that you should ensure. But, you are not always cautious; even if you are, you don’t see such injuries coming in anytime soon. However, in such a situation, you should look for surgery alternatives in LA.

Kinds Of Injuries

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In 2015, studies that were conducted showed that 37% of physical ailments like strains, tears, and sprains happened at the workplace. Also, they required a day off to heal and bounce back better. Another statistical work highlighted that 63% of workplace injuries were because of body reactions and overexertion.

Another study by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons highlights that, on average, 25 million people skip a week’s work annually because of back pain. Further, the losses that such an absence results in for the businesses and workplaces are a separate issue to discuss.

One of the common traits among people who tend to suffer from orthopedic injuries is that they are unaware of their body condition and don’t see such things coming. Hence, let’s discuss these things first.

⦁ Overexertion Injuries

As the name suggests, these injuries are the ones that can occur when the body is pushed beyond its physical limits. They are the second most common reason why employees skip work. This common reason has another common trait: back pain or injury.

Such injuries result from hardcore lifting, carrying weights more than the body’s capacity, and others like throwing and pushing. The companies that offer required work where the risk of having such injuries is high should take preventive measures for the same in the form of sharing information, do’s and don’ts, and also providing job training related to the same.

⦁ Repetitive Motion Injuries

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It is another common workplace injury and is seen in many adults. For example, if you are typing on the keyboard daily or discharging any other assembly line work, it can stress the muscles and cause constant pain in the shoulders and near the neck. Also, the hands and wrists are at stake as the tendons begin creating pain and discomfort.

These situations can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a long-term issue. Hence, it needs immediate attention and treatment.

If you feel any discomfort or pain initially, you should not ignore it. It is because they seem easy at the beginning and something that can go away in some days. But, if it is not treated, the problem gets bigger and deeper.

⦁ Reaction Injuries

The human body can discharge reflexes whenever danger comes towards it. Sudden problems like tripping and slipping cause these injuries. Other situations like sitting and bending are common at the workplace, but when you stand up or do anything else for work, there is a sudden stretch in the body. You can feel that these are minimal but can become bigger problems.

It can be prolonged with repetitive motion. Sudden reactions cause orthopedic injuries, so an attentive mind is a must. Also, it would help if you tried to avoid awkward body positioning or posture that can increase the risks of such problems.

Preventive Tips

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These are painful injuries that take a long time to heal. Hence, there are some simple preventive steps that you can do on your end to avoid them.

⦁ Watch Your Weight And Body Flexibility

Did you know that for each weight gain of 10 pounds, you further expose yourself to a 36% increased risk that you will suffer from osteoarthritis?

So, what could be the situation when you have gained more than 30-40 pounds? Hence, weight management is something that you should do for yourself to live a healthy body for the times to come.

Also, it would help if you worked as per your body flexibility only. The workplace will need you to do different things, but your flexibility may or may not allow it. Whenever you feel that something is out of your league, you should discuss it with the seniors and get the work shifted until you are sure that you can do it without any harm or injuries.

⦁ Exercise

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Exercising is not age-specific. It helps increase muscle mass and ensures that the joints function properly. If you are a young individual, you can indulge yourself in activities like walking, swimming, and stretching. However, if you are looking for such solutions for a work place that is mid-aged, you can recommend them to join a yoga class.

However, you should not go over and above, as that can be harmful, too. It would help if you did warmups before the exercises to improve body flexibility, enhance performance, and reduce the risks of stress and pain.

⦁ Watch What You Wear

An article of comfortable clothing and, most importantly, footwear are important when you are going to work. You can’t wear high heels to work every day. Hence, you should invest in flats that have a comfortable soles. Also, you can invest in shoes to keep your feet covered.

They ensure better movement and also let your foot rests better.

⦁ Be Careful Of Your Actions And Surroundings

While exercising, your main agenda should be the development of strong core muscles. It will help in weight management of the body, and there shall be less need to focus on specific areas.

Also, it would help if you were careful of your actions and their consequences because of the surroundings where they are happening. For example, if you are entering wet premises and running on the floor, you are likely to fall. Also, the chances increase if you are not wearing the right footwear.

Hence, you should be conscious of your movements; otherwise, the issues will begin with stretching and increase your problems.

Workers’ Compensation For Orthopedic Injuries

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Whenever there is an injury, you can reach out to your employer so that they can take appropriate action immediately.

A medical practitioner will evaluate you if you plan to go for workers’ compensation. Hence, it would help if you were true to your claim and took no undue advantage of the situation.

If your ground is strong and just, compensation will be provided. Employees get 66% of their weekly salary in many situations until they return to work.


If you or anyone of your co-workers are facing orthopedic problems at the workplace, you should not let it go. Immediate attention is needed, and you should focus on getting the right treatment for the issue before it worsens. Also, it would help if you were careful while doing work, as a little carefulness and prevention at work will secure your body in unforeseen situations.