5 Things to Know about Flower Arrangements for Any Occasion

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Flowers have always been a unique expression of appreciation or affection to someone. This hasn’t changed even today.

What you can see in every flower store, the corner store that holds flowers, are bouquets and arrangements you can gift to anyone for any particular occasion. The flower business is booming and there is no reason for it to stop. Making an arrangement or a bouquet has become a piece of art by itself.

With all the new trends and florists with inspiration and a bit of gift you all can buy a pure flower delight whenever you want, and almost wherever you want. If you want to find out a bit more about these arrangements and where and how you can use them read more here for more info.

We have already mentioned that arranging flowers has become an art by itself and this article today will tell you a few things you should know about flower arrangements that can be used on any occasion. Sit back and enjoy your reading.

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1. Statement piece

When making a floral arrangement the florist always starts with a statement flower which is going to be a central piece of the whole thing. The way they chose this is based on the time of the year and the flower that is prominent at that period.

They always choose the best and fresh centrepieces and then they start to assemble its surrounding based on colours and what vibes with it the most.

Since the roses are the most used flower in the bouquet or a floral arrangement they try and choose the best ones, that have bloomed well and that have buds that are well developed so they can take up as much space as possible – hence the centrepiece. The surrounding of that rose, or roses, has to be in sync with the centrepiece.

They will try not to make anything more prominent than others and that way they get the best possible result where the entire arrangement feels like one piece.

2. The container

Now when talking about the flower arrangements the place that is holding the arrangement has to be equally important. If you have a neat flower arrangement then a bowl or something similar has to agree with that arrangement as well.

It has to be something so subtle yet so vital to the entire thing and it is the thing that makes a lot of problems to the florists.

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Most of them opt for arrangements that are big and let down to hide whatever is holding them in place while others that can find the thing that fits in their floral idea the most manage to build the entire arrangement around that container.

Some even chose the container first and then start building up from there. Either way, the most important thing is that all of these are in cohesion and that they don’t draw an eye from each other.

3. Filler flowers

These are what goes with the centrepiece to fill all the gaps and additionally highlight the star of the arrangement or a bouquet.

Filler flowers need to be carefully chosen since we already said that a floral arrangement has to look like one piece and that no parts can pop out more than others.

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A colour choice here is of utmost importance and if you have a light centrepiece flower you have to get something a bit darker for the filler for the centrepiece to be a centrepiece.

Contrast is important but they have to balance everything out just enough so you don’t end up with something so colourful and eye-popping that you wouldn’t know where to look first and what to think.

When stacking the filler flowers look for something that will go neatly with the centrepiece and that will create that colour hue going from top to bottom or vice versa.

4. The background

Now, this is the part where everything comes together. Here are where the greens usually go and this is the stuff that rounds up the entire arrangement. If you want a well-rounded bouquet or a floral arrangement then you have to have some greens behind everything.

We don’t know why but somehow every arrangement we have ever purchased without some greens in the background looked so generic and non-natural.


The addition of greens florists spruce everything up and give it a more natural feel, look and vibe. They can opt for almost anything, given that it can tie with the arrangement neatly.

Eucalyptus leaves with stems are a usual choice but they do opt for other foliage that can add grace to any arrangement. What they are really careful of is the length of the foliage that goes in the background, shape and if there are any discolourations and withering.

Those are all taken care of and the arrangement assembly can almost finish without a hitch.

5. The details

Since the greens from the background can make such a difference in a bouquet or a floral arrangement, how big of a change do you think can a simple piece of decorative strip or a coloured paper make?

When doing something professionally and when you do it with love, every detail is important. To be honest, in some cases less is more but when you have a floral arrangement in the season when everything is booming and when you have so many options to choose from it is somehow very difficult to pace yourself.

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For some arrangements, the devil is in the details, but not the details that go into the actual arrangement, the details that surround the container that holds everything or the bouquet entirely. The right kind of paper, the right colour, the right strip that everything is tied with all come together to make that piece a true masterpiece of the floral world.

After everything, we hope that you learned a few things about how florists operate to make that perfect arrangement for you and any occasion. Despite the popular belief that this is an easy task and that it is rather quick, you can see just how much thought and attention goes into every arrangement.

From colours to composition and your hands eventually a very difficult and time-consuming process has to pass. We know that it made us appreciate florist a lot more, how about you?

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