This Is How Heather Locklear Really Feels About Her Melrose Place Character

Heather Locklear

Actress Heather Locklear first succeeded in the primetime soap opera Dynasty as Sammy Jo Carrington, but the blonde bombshell shot up to stardom when she moved to Melrose Place in the 1990s. Locklear played Amanda Woodward, the villain that everyone loved to hate, and that launched soapy drama to new levels.

Co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith, who played Alison Parker on the show, said the Locklear character changed everything. “It started out as a kind of eight kids trying to do it,”  Thorne-Smith recalled, “No one cared, no one saw it… and then Heather showed up and suddenly we had a villain and we just took off.”

More than 20 years after the show’s end, Locklear, Thorne-Smith, and their co-stars reunited, from the comfort of their homes, for Seth Rudetsky and James WesleyStars in the house series. When Locklear was asked if she liked to play such an “unbridled”, the actress did not hold back.

“It was pretty fun since I don’t normally do that in real life,” Locklear said. Then the hosts gently reminded her of the time Amanda referred to Alison as “a rash I can’t get rid of”, Locklear laughed. You know, you have to say what they write.

“I don’t behave like that,” she insisted. “Maybe sometimes ” There’s no denying that Locklear’s real life has occasionally turned out to be more dramatic than her Melrose Place persona.

Heather Locklear’s real-life drama rivals her character from Melrose Place

While Heather Locklear caused trouble when Amanda Woodward followed Melrose’s Place, the actress has also experienced a fair amount of trouble in real life. In 2018, Locklear was charged with assault on a peace officer, assault on emergency personnel and resistance, obstruction and delay of a peace officer, among other charges, after authorities responded to a domestic disturbance at Locklear’s home. in Thousand Oaks, California.

The Spin City star eventually pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 120 days behind bars, but Locklear agreed to complete a residential treatment program, allowing the television star to skip time locked up. Over the years, Locklear has been in and out of rehab for substance abuse, but as TMZ reported, she has allegedly tried to reconcile with local police since her dramatic arrest.

Not only has Locklear been seen chatting with Ventura County law enforcement officers over coffee, but she also attended the Ventura County Sheriff’s Tip-A-Cop event, where police officers serve as waiters to raise money for charity. Witnesses said Locklear left an impressive $ 1,500 tip, which was to support the Special Olympics.

We hope Locklear’s future is filled with nothing more than fictional mischief from now on. And speaking of fictional antics, Locklear said that if Melrose’s Place rebooted, “It would be fun to play Amanda again.”