What Is a No Bust Blackjack Strategy & Does it Work

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When it comes to gambling, many would say that it is all about pure luck, and for those who think that way, even when they visit some casino and play some game of chance, this premise will not lead to anything good, except if your goal actually is to lose money. Namely, many strategies, carefully thinking, and most importantly, knowing when to stop, when to increase the bid, and when to use the free spin can have an immeasurable effect on your budget and whether you will end up losing all your money or actually winning some. Of course, the house edge is something we all know about, and in order for casinos to succeed as a business, they must have this advantage. It doesn’t mean that winning a considerable amount of money at casinos is a myth, and just like with anything else, when it comes to cash, you need to play smart in order to get some.

The first rule of gambling

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Everything about casinos, no matter if land-based or online, is about the law of large numbers. It means that even though someone may win big and make a thousand times more than they invested, in the end, the casino will profit from other players or from that same player if they recklessly gamble their money away. Some will say that fun is the reason they play games of chance in the first place, but even so, knowing when to stop is always recommended, and it is one of the most basic gambling strategies.

Gambling strategy, myth, or truth?

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As for the casino games, their vast offer may confuse and leave you wanting to try out every single one of them, but, in the end, the most popular ones like poker, roulette, and slots are the ones you will end up playing the most. The most famous and popular games of chance have been with us for quite some time now, meaning that many strategies and myths about them have appeared throughout time. Some of them didn’t provide such great results, but some of them were actually quite profitable for us players. Take counting cards in Blackjack for an example, and today, that’s considered cheating, but it’s pure logic mixed with statistics and math. Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but since Blackjack is so popular, there are plenty more strategies for players to try, and currently, the most popular one is certainly the No-Bust strategy. Even though it’s actually quite a common and widely used concept just by name, many would not recognize it, so let’s first explain what the No-Bust strategy is and check out some facts about it.

To explain the concept of the strategy

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Blackjack is a popular game in every casino in the world, and it is attracting many new players every day. Because of its popularity, there are many strategies for playing, which only confuse new players who already think the game itself is too complicated. The truth is different, and learning the blackjack rules and playing this game is not difficult at all, and if you are lucky enough, you will certainly win some money. When it comes to strategies, there are a lot of them, and while some of them are proven to work, the others are not that efficient, but there are many people who love to risk with them and hope to win. One of them is definitely the no-bust strategy, and many people around the world use it as the main blackjack approach.

This strategy is only for patient people because it requires a lot of nerves and waiting. The whole point is to wait and hope that the dealer goes bust instead of you, and it implies taking new cards and wait even when the dealer has a strong hand. The whole strategy is about waiting, and no matter if you have a busting hand, you should wait and see if the dealer will bust. Keep in mind that this is not one of the most interesting strategies you can try, so it is not ideal for those who are looking for more excitement and fun while playing. A much better solution for them is to choose another strategy because this one is not for impatient people.

Does it really work?

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There are two types of players who use this strategy – those who want to see how far they can go and those who love to calculate the chances of winning. If you belong to the first group, there is no need for some extra calculation, and all you need to do is wait and hope that the dealer will bust, and you will win some money. But, for those people who belong to the second group, the situation is a little different because they want to know the odds for winning, and they are recalculating all the time.

When we talk about odds, the truth is that they are never on the player’s side, and it is more likely that the dealer will win every hand. With the first hand, when the player does not hit with the no-bust rule, the chances of losing are over 66 percent, and with the next hand, the chances can decrease a little, but the odds will always be on the house’s side. Regarding all of this, it is easy to see that the no-bust strategy is not one of the best ones for those who want to play blackjack and win some money. It probably fits some players, but there are much more of them that are the better choice.

Final Thoughts

Live casino games are, as you may already know, the most popular online casino games. So, even if you still find Blacjack confusing or way too difficult, games like roulette will perhaps suit you much more, so check out 9winz.com, and find the best online live roulette. Now, when we know much more about the No-Bust concept, some may realize that they already tried it, and some would consider it for the next time they play Blackjack. Nonetheless, it is a two-way strategy, and no matter what type of player you are, what’s granted is great fun and an extraordinary gambling experience.