The Real Reason Drake’s Bed Makes Everyone Talk


Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner can spend their huge fortunes the way they want, and they certainly do. While it can be difficult at times to understand why they seemingly waste staggering amounts of money on questionable purchases, just check out all the times Kanye West has overspent on silly things, and the ridiculously expensive things the Trump family owns, that doesn’t stop them from stars buy what your rich hearts want. That includes Grammy-winning artist Drake, who built himself a mind-blowing mansion that has caused quite a stir.

“Remember the chintzy and wacky McMansions that were a staple of MTV Cunas’ long series?”, Architectural summary asked in a piece showing the worthy abode of the Canadian rapper in April 2024. “The Toronto home of mega recording artist Aubrey Drake Graham is something completely different.” The massive 50,000-square-foot residence features “amenities like an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court topped by a 21-square-foot pyramid skylight.” Frankly, “Drake’s surprising home certainly qualifies as outrageous.” That is putting it smoothly.

And you still haven’t heard of his surprisingly expensive bed. Yes, that’s right, his bed.

Drake’s bed costs more than the average American home

While Drake loves his custom-designed home very much, Architectural Digest notes that his “favorite place in the house is his 3,200-square-foot master bedroom suite.” Let that sink: a 3,200-square-foot suite (“the median size of an American single-family home” in 2019 “was around 1,600 or 1,650 square feet,” according to The Atlantic).

“The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to take advantage of the day,” he told Architectural Digest. “The bed lets you float, the shower lets you escape and put your thoughts in order, and the closet makes you want to talk to yourself while you get dressed.” Okay, not all of us talk in the closet, but hey, we’re not all Drake.

This appreciation for personal space is perhaps why Drake was willing to spend more on his bed than the average American spends on his entire home. “The custom-made bed, called ‘Grand Vividus’, was made for the rapper ‘Toosie Slide’ [for] $ 395K,” according to The Explosion. Created by “luxury Swedish mattress maker Hästens” in collaboration with artist and designer Ferris Rafauli, Vicio notes that Drake really caught the first of the newly launched expensive black mattresses.

Produced using horsehair and “a complicated arrangement of springs that vary in height, size and structure,” it takes “four certified craftsmen … around 600 hours” to create each Grand Vividus. Sweet dreams are made of this, as they say.