5 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First Rolex

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Buying your first Rolex watch is a milestone achievement, especially if you are a long-time fan of the luxury watch brand. Rolex watches are genuine pieces of craftsmanship and culture, bringing the legacy of Rolex and the classic, elegant Rolex design to your wrist.

To find the right Rolex to start your collection, there are a few factors to consider about different models on the market. Discover five things you should know before you buy your first Rolex, including tips about what features to look for, where to find affordable men’s Rolex watches which can be found at FrostNYC, and how to style your Rolex once you own it.

1. Basic Rolex Features

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When buying a Rolex for the first time, it is helpful to take a deeper look into the basic features of the brand. This can help you select a first-time purchase that meets your needs and gain an appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into creating a Rolex timepiece.

Although models differ slightly, most Rolexes contain basic features such as a day-date complication, Oyster Case design, a decorated bezel, and a Cyclops window.

Day-date complication

The day-date complication refers to the Rolex’s ability to tell you the current time as well as the day’s date. This essential compilation is perfect for first-time Rolex owners who may not need higher complications such as multiple timezones or chronograph capabilities.

Oyster case

The Oyster Case was invented in 1926 by the Rolex company. This case was the world’s first waterproof case and gives Rolex pieces their signature shape. On many models, the Oyster case is made from 904L stainless steel; however, newer models boast a case made of yellow, white, or rose gold.

Decorated bezel

On a Rolex, the bezel is a grooved, circular ring that holds the crystal cover onto the watch’s face. Many Rolex pieces feature a beautifully decorated bezel blinged out in diamonds or gemstones. This gives Rolexes a special pizazz that sets them apart in the luxury watch industry.

Cyclops window

Like the Oyster Case design, the cyclops window is a feature on many Rolex models. The Cyclops window is typically located on the right side of the watch’s face and enlarges the number in the date window for better visibility.

2. Deciding on Your First Model

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One of the most exciting elements of buying your first Rolex is choosing the watch. However, deciding on your first model is sometimes challenging because of the great options available. Your best course of action in deciding on your first Rolex is to consider the features and complications you prefer along with your available budget for the purchase.

If you don’t have a particular Rolex in mind for your first purchase, a classic Rolex with basic complications like a Rolex Datejust is a solid choice. Datejust models feature the Cyclops window, date and day function, and the classic Rolex Oyster Case design. This model gives you everything you need in a basic yet high-quality timepiece.

If you are looking for a more exciting Rolex as your first purchase, consider a model that uses precious metals such as yellow, white, or rose gold rather than Oystersteel and includes diamonds or other gemstones in the design.

You might also look at a Rolex series with innovative complications and design features like the Yacht-Master, Sky-Dweller, Daytona Cosmograph, or Submariner.

3. How Rolex Watches Are Priced

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Although Rolex watches are luxury items, many first-time buyers look for affordability for their initial purchase. As someone considering buying such a large purchase, you are likely wondering, “How much is a Rolex?” and “How are Rolex watches priced?”

To ensure that your first purchase is price-appropriate for your financial situation, it is helpful to understand how Rolex watches are priced so you can look for a model that fits your budget.

Generally, Rolex models are priced higher when the pieces:

  • Are made from precious metals like 18K yellow, white, and rose gold
  • Include diamonds or gemstones on the dial face or bezel
  • Feature high-level complications
  • Are in high demand due to market fluctuations
  • Are a highly sought-after vintage model

Pieces made from high-quality 904L steel without gemstones require fewer resources and time to create. This allows retailers to offer lower prices while maintaining Rolex quality.

4. Choosing a Rolex Retailer

When buying your first Rolex, it is also important you choose a trustworthy and reliable retailer. Buying your first piece from a company that doesn’t have a history of safe, secure transactions and verified Rolex pieces poses the risk of falling victim to a scam. It can also result in your purchase lacking the Certificate of Authenticity and warranty that usually come with a real Rolex.

To ensure you purchase your first Rolex from a reputable retailer, do a little research before buying. Scour the retailers’ website and look for elements that indicate that the retailer is on the up and up. A reliable Rolex dealer should:

  • Offer a Certificate of Authenticity on the piece; more information can be found here.
  • Offer a warranty; ideally, a lifetime warranty
  • Lifetime access to upgrades or repairs on the watch
  • Several positive customer reviews
  • A well-organized and clearly stated shipping and return policy

5. Accessorizing with Your New Rolex

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As you narrow down your search for your first Rolex, you may imagine what you will wear with your new purchase. Depending on the Rolex model you choose, your new piece could look great paired with a yellow or white gold chain for men. Consider layering a few chains of different lengths and link types, such as a Miami Cuban link chain with an intricate rope chain as a way to accessorize with your Rolex.

You can also wear your Rolex with a complementary bracelet to add more bling to your outfit. Pair your Rolex with a patterned suit or match its face to your sweater or jacket for a unique look.

Buy Your First Rolex with Confidence

Brushing up on standard Rolex features and knowing how to choose a trustworthy Rolex retailer can help you buy your first Rolex with confidence. Whether it contains a diamond-studded bezel or a simple blue dial and steel Oyster Case, wearing a Rolex boosts your confidence and elevates your style. A Rolex is a long-lasting and worthwhile addition to your jewelry collection, regardless of the model you choose.