Unusual Couple: The Model’s Husband Is 8 Months Pregnant With Her Baby

Image source: Instagram

Colombian model Danna Sultana and her husband Esteban Landrau are a rather unusual couple. Their first child will soon be born, and it would not be uncommon if Esteban weren’t the one who is pregnant.

Image source: Instagram

Both spouses are transgender – the model was born as a man and identifies as a woman, while her husband was born as a woman and identifies as a man. They both retained their genitals, so they conceived the child naturally. They will soon have a baby boy, whom they decide to call Ariel.

Danna is happy to share her joy and sweet anticipation on social networks, where she is followed by 221 thousand fans, who are full of support for this couple.

Image source: Instagram

She recently posted a photo of her holding her husband’s pregnant belly, and comments of support immediately began. “This is wonderful, you give hope to thousands of transgender people”, “Very beautiful, you are so cute”, “Wonderful, emotional”, some of the comments read.


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