6 Easy Ways to Unclog and Clean Your Roof Gutters

Image source: unsplash.com

When you live in a house, you know that there are so many things you need to take care of if you want your home to last, and if you want everything to work properly. Being a homeowner is not an easy task, and when we get our first house, we don’t really know the things we need to do.

When you live with family, or when you have a landlord, they are usually the people who take care of the important things and maintenance, but when you are the property owner, you have to think about everything. We know that we need to take care of the garden, we know that we need to install a security system, and we know that we need to paint the walls once every few years, but one thing that we tend to forget is that we need to unclog and clean our roof gutters.

The roof gutters are units that help guide the rain, dirt, and dust from the roof, down to the ground without damaging the house itself and the walls. Even though they are made to protect our home, if we don’t clean them regularly, they are going to do the exact opposite.

When you leave the gutters clogged, the water will stay there, and in time, things will start to rot and fall apart. This can lead to roof damages and ceiling damages. In addition to this, when the gutter is damaged, water will start dripping or pouring down the outside walls. This can damage not only the walls but also the doors and windows.

Many users say that their basement and even the inside of the rooms have flooded because of clogged gutters. You risk foundation damages and mold. All of these things are extremely serious, and they can impact your health, leading to flu-like symptoms, allergies, asthma, and even headaches and a bloody nose. To protect yourself and your family, you need to maintain these units regularly. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the easy ways you can do that.

1. Remove them

Image source: unsplash.com

It is said that the best way to clean and unclog your downspouts is to remove them and fully clean them. Even though there are a lot of ways to maintain them without fully removing them, this is the most thorough way to do it. Use a tutorial depending on the exact model you have in your home, have patience, and never use force. Clean them inside and out, and don’t use force to unclog them.

2. Consult with a professional

If you notice that the drain is really clogged, and if you are unsure if you can remove the gutters without damaging them, you should consult with a professional service from a roofing installation expert.

According to www.gutterspecialists.co.uk, no matter if you live in a building or a house, the service can help you out with the maintenance, cleaning, and unclogging. It is really risky to clean the downspout of a building on your own or to risk going up on the roof of the house to remove the item. So, it is better to stay safe, and know that things will get done without causing any additional damage.

3. Use a leaf blower

You can use a leaf blower if you want to get things done fast. Note that the leaf blower will get rid of the debris and most of the dust, but it won’t get rid of any dirt. Use the nozzle attachment on it, and start working slowly. If possible, protect the downspout so that you don’t put all the leaves in it. Take your time, and be extremely careful since you are going to work at heights.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner

For this part, you are going to need a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. Just dry ones may get damaged, so make sure you have the right model of the device before you start cleaning. You can purchase an additional hose so you don’t have to hold the cleaner in your hands while you do this, and know that the vacuum is one of the best ways to remove leaves, dust, debris, and old, stuck-on dirt.

5. Use a power washer

If you are like most people, then you love using the power washer. It is the easiest way to remove stubborn dirt and to get things unclogged. Note that unless you want to make too big of a mess, you should never use the power washer alone. Start with the leaf blower or the vacuum cleaner, and once you are done with the visible parts, you should use the washer to get rid of all the dirt and to unclog the downspout. Be careful, and don’t use the highest setting. You may damage the gutter if you apply too much pressure and force at once.

6. Use a garden hose

The last thing that can help you out with this project is to use a traditional garden hose. Even though it may take the longest time, it is something you can easily carry around the house, it is long enough, and it is light enough. Plus, you already know how to use it without risking your safety, or damaging the drain. Note that a garden hose is your best bet unless the gutters are fully clogged. If they are, and if water cannot pass through them, then it is better to use something else. You can even stand on the ground while you are unclogging the units, and you don’t have to risk getting up on a ladder. Take your time, don’t force the hose up or down, just let it glide and slowly remove any leaves, debris, or dirt.

There you have it, 6 ways to easily clean and unclog your gutters. Depending on the condition of them, and the last time you’ve cleaned them, you can try doing things on your own, or you can easily just call a professional service that will maintain the downspout fast and with ease. If you are doing it on your own, take your time, never use force, and know that the whole project may take up to several hours.