The Beauty Of Restoration: Steps For Starting Your Antique Restoration Journey


One always has emotional attachments to their grandfather’s chair or grandmother’s bed, right? They carry sentimental value. But they are not in a condition to be kept, and one does not want to discard them. So, what is the option? The option is to restore the lost value and charm of the antiques.

So if one holds onto antiques and memories and wants to help people preserve and restore them? Why not start a business of restoration hardware? Restoration hardware involves restoring the property or antiques after a casualty. Here are the steps that you should consider before starting your restoration journey.

Steps To Start Your Restoration Business


If you are someone who cherishes old items and memories or someone who knows the manufacturing techniques and fabrics of old times. Then restoring the hardware is the business to opt for. However, there are several points to consider before starting a business.

  • Planning Your Antique Restoration Business


Business name: One cannot start their business suddenly without a plan in mind. Careful consideration and an action plan are required. The first step in any business is deciding on a name. The business name is the brand identity. It is how your customers will perceive you, and it will reflect your identity and purpose.

Business Logo: Just as the name and surname are a person’s identity. The logo is the surname of the business. People will relate to the business via the logo. It will set the business apart from the competition.

Business Cost: Once a business name is decided. The next question is where to setup the office, and what will be the cost of the space? Or if you are going to start the office from your own home or garage? These are the questions one must think about. Business insurance, equipment costs, and salaries are the business costs one must keep in mind. They must have secured vaults and property coverage for any loss they might face.

Target Market: Before starting any business, one must thoroughly research the target market. In restoration hardware, the target market is anyone who wants to restore old objects. They might choose certain clients directly, like museums, and the person has to convince them why one provides a better service.

Cost of Return: The restoration business charges as per the amount and duration of work required on the piece. It may vary according to the expertise, extent of the project, and demand. The business can be more profitable if they use up their own space.

Return on Investment: One can restore their client’s antique or sell their own to save money if the business is not working well.

  • Business Website

Anyone would Google the authenticity of the business before submitting their delicacies. One needs to have an authentic business website with client testimonials. Social media accounts are not a replacement for a business website.

  • Business Phone Number

Getting another phone number is the best way to keep the professional and personal lives separate. A professional contact number will help the client reach out to you with any queries.

  • Business Bank Account And Credit Card


If the person is using their personal account for business, then their personal assets are at risk if someone sued their business. To protect their personal assets, one must keep a business account for all business-related activities. Opening a business account makes taking a business loan easier and protects your personal assets. It makes accounting and tax filing easier.

Business credit card: This helps to separate personal and business expenses. It also helps raise money later on.

  • Managing Business Accounts

How will one know and analyze the profit and loss of their business if they do not keep a regular tab on them? The business must manage accounts, file taxes, and file returns. Keeping a log of all the expenses will help them check their business’s growth, acceleration, or retardation.

  • Licensed Business

No one would want their hard-earned money and business to shut down, would they? It is important to obtain the licenses and permits beforehand to avoid such repercussions.

  • Legalize Your Business

Becoming a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation will save the business from being sued. One can become an LLC itself or pay a minimal LLC fee.

  • Insurance Coverage

There are occasional hailstorms, and one needs to insure themselves before those. Setting up a business is not all sunshine and rainbows. One needs to be insured. It will protect their business from any future losses.

  • File Tax On Time

The person must study the tax laws before starting the business. No one likes a hefty fine in the initial stage of start-up.

  • Marketing The Business

Relationships and networking are the basic traits of marketing. One needs to establish themselves with museums, cultural institutes, and antique shops. The better your relations, the better are the chances that they will get recommended.

  • Customer Turnover Rate

The marketing skills, the quality of service, the professional photos, and the live demo of the antiques keep the customers coming back. Meeting deadlines, delivering, and picking up with care are also contributing factors.

  • Business Mentor


Riding on the journey alone, especially when the business is new, can be quite hazardous. A mentor who guides them through tough times can easily help them cross the sea. One can connect with a free business resource near them to get the help they need.

  • Research The Competition.

One must always know what their competitors are offering and at what price to keep up with the market. When one is just starting, they can’t charge more than the market rate, as they would lose customers in that case. They also cannot charge less than the market rate, as they would suffer losses.

  • Business Partnership

The residents might not have many antiques to restore; however, local shops require antique restoration frequently. The business can partner with them on a consignment basis. This will help them through the rough patch and will keep the workflow going.


There is enormous potential in the restoration business. It has very little competition. People hold on to their inheritance with lots of love, be it a tea set or a quilt. It has huge earning potential because of the sentimental value of the antiques, the lower cost involved, and the higher demand.

If one targets the right customer base and has good networking skills, the restoration business can be quite lucrative. So, if one is planning to start a restoration business, get started now!