6 Warning Signs You Need Better Oral Hygiene

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We are using our mouths to eat and to talk, and oral and dental hygiene must always be good, so you can maintain good oral health. Surely, there are people who suffer different conditions that lead to teeth decay, bleeding gums, and other issues, but healthy people must always pay attention to the hygiene routines, and keep their oral health on a point.
There is nothing better in the world than a shiny smile, which makes you confident, but oral hygiene is more than white teeth and a big smile.

If it’s poor, it will cause a lot of symptoms, including pain, bad-looking teeth, bad breath, bleeding, and many others, according to an orthodontist in Washington DC. Dental clinics like libertyvillagedentalcare.com are always there to help their patients, and you need to find your today, especially if you think you have some problems.

Many people think that they are doing the hygiene properly, but dental researches show that a lot of them don’t really brush their teeth enough, or they have a poor choice of toothbrushes and toothpaste. These are some of the signs that you may need to change something in your oral hygiene routine, or first visit your dentist, for more instructions on how to take care of it:

1. You feel pain in your teeth

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Even though it occurs every now and then, you shouldn’t ignore it. It can be completely normal when you drink too cold beverages, eat ice cream, or when you consume too hot food and drinks. You may have sensitive teeth, and that’s normal. But, if the pain lasts for hours, or even days, then you are doing something wrong.

You have to pay a visit to your dentist, and see what’s happening. Maybe you only need your regular teeth cleaning, but the issue can be bigger and require serious intervention. Keep in mind that no matter what happens, dental hygiene is a must, and if you are not sure, ask your dentist for a recommendation.

2. There is a gum bleeding

Bleeding gums are not always a result of poor oral hygiene, but they can improve the situation, or make it worse. Surely, when the gums are swollen or they bleed, brushing is very painful, and people may avoid it, by using only mouthwash to clean their palate. But, there are silicone brushes available in the pharmacies and drugstores, that you simply put on your finger, and brush the teeth and the gums.

They are easy to use since parents can use them for their babies in the early stages of oral hygiene, but also for cats and dogs to maintain good mouth health and clean teeth. Also, you must treat this condition with your dentist, because if the gums recede, the teeth may fall out, or become at least unstable, and you have a hard time chewing the food.

3. The teeth are too sensitive

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It’s normal that sometimes your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages, but if they are sensitive all the time, no matter your age, you need to be concerned. Teeth sensitivity may also be a sign of some infection, cavity, or some damage over the enamel. There are products that can help you treat this condition, but the results are only temporary, and you will have to ask for professional help.

4. Your mouth is sore and you have buildup on the tongue

Tongue alterations are not always a sign of bad hygiene, but if you have them, then probably something is wrong, and you need to check on your overall health condition. On the other hand, you have to clean the tongue with a brush or scraper, so you can remove the layer that makes you feel your mouth sore all the time.

Also, soreness can be a result of increased sensitivity inside the mouth, but anyway, if this happens for more than a few days, you need to change something in your routine, so you can improve your oral hygiene, alone or together with your doctor.

5. Your breath smells really bad

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All the things we mentioned above can cause bad breath. But it can also be a result of not being regular with washing your teeth, so the food particles are literally decaying inside your mouth, they rot, and makes your breath stinky. This is easy to control, if you brush your teeth properly, you use a scraper to remove the tongue buildup and try to remove all the “leftovers” with dental floss, so you can be sure you are doing everything to get rid of it.

This condition is also known as halitosis, and it’s usually a temporary issue, after a specific food or drink, and it goes away with brushing and rinsing. But, if you have a chronic issue with bad breath, then you need to check it with your dentist, so you can prevent cavity, decay, and different gum diseases. After everything is resolved, proceed with proper oral hygiene, to prevent it in the future.

6. Different types of growths inside the mouth

Lumps, wounds, scars, and other growths that aren’t common, can be a sign of both bad hygiene or some health condition that requires proper treatment. Keep in mind that poor oral hygiene may result in these growths, which can only be removed if you start taking care properly for your palate health. Again, make sure you check this one with your dentist, in order to prevent mouth cancer or other serious conditions that can cause a lot of additional diseases.


Your dental and oral health is very important, and never ignore them when it comes to proper hygiene. Just like you take care of the rest of your body, you need to pay enough attention to the mouth too. Protect your teeth, and the overall palate condition, and visit your dentist regularly, so they can react if something goes bad. Our health depends on oral hygiene a lot, so don’t underestimate it, and pay a lot of attention to how you brush your teeth and take care of the whole mouth too.