Reunion shows Confessions that Shook Us to the Core

Kandi Burruss

If you’re a fan of the kind of awkward moments that only reality television can really deliver, then you’re more than familiar with some of the classic reality television gathering tropes. Of course, there’s the retreat, the tried-and-true move in which a cast member is so overwhelmed by a comment that he leaves the set to refresh himself in his dressing room. There’s also the gossip session of hot microphones, a fun thing that happens when the cast and crew take five but the cameras keep rolling.

The blooper reel is a guarantee. And every once in a while, there is a time when a cast member spills something important. They may decide to share surprising news about the state of their relationship. Maybe they open up about something that happened behind the scenes. Or it could be a life update that comes straight out of the left field.

Whatever the case may be, when tea is spilled during these grabbing gatherings, it often becomes a feast in good faith. Fire up your MJ popcorn memes, because these are the most memorable reality TV meeting confessions we could find.

The moment when a Bachelor star had doubts

The Bachelor The season 13 reunion was a watershed moment for the franchise. In the After the Final Rose Special, bachelor Jason Mesnick told host Chris Harrison that he didn’t feel good about proposing to Melissa Rycroft at the end of the season, admitting he couldn’t shake his feelings for Molly Malaney, runner-up for the season. Harrison welcomed Rycroft to the stage, and she and her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend promised things. Before she returned the engagement ring to him and left the set, Rycroft called Mesnick a “bas *** d” and told him not to call or text him again.

Then Malaney joined Mesnick on the meeting couch and put a hand on his knee. He told her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and she said that “this was something [she] dreamed of, but I never expected to hear”. Their reunion was a total of 180 from the Mesnick and Rycroft scene, but both conversations were shocking in their own right.

As Mesnick and Malaney smiled at each other, Harrison asked, “So where do we go from here? »A series of significant life changes, that’s where. Mesnick and Malaney have been together ever since, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in February 2024, a milestone they both recognized on Instagram. Rycroft also found love after she and Mesnick broke up. She returned with her pre Bachelor boyfriend Tye Strickland after the show, and as a People They reportedly married in December 2009.

A true rumor of Atlanta housewives was stilled

Kandi Burruss found herself at the center of damaging gossip in Season 9 of The Real Atlanta Housewives , and the source of that rumor was finally revealed at the meeting. In the middle of the season, word spread that someone told co-star Porsha Williams that Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker allegedly conspired to take drugs and take advantage of her when they were out one night. Williams confronted Burruss about the allegations while the cast was in Hawaii, and Burruss denied the claim and threatened to take legal action. As his colleague Shereé Whitfield said in a confessional segment: “That is not a shady shadow. That is a deep and deep libel ».

When the Atlanta housewives gathered for the meeting, it was time to get to the bottom of the accusations. Host Andy Cohen asked Williams to share what led her to believe that Burruss and Tucker wanted to get high and take advantage of her, and she revealed that Phaedra Parks was the person who alerted her. Parks admitted to repeating the rumor, but did not share its source. Burruss exploded at this revelation, and Williams said he felt Parks “used [her] as a pawn against] Burruss].”

Spreading this rumor nailed Parks’ friendship with Burruss, and his role on the show. After the meeting, TMZ reported RHOA fired Parks from the reality series.

A love triangle emerged in The Challenge

The challenge isn’t a dating reality show, but that doesn’t mean the long running competition series is devoid of relationship drama. The Dirty XXX: 30 Challenge Contestants Tori Deal and Derrick Henry entered the season as a couple, but by the time the meeting started, their courtship was a thing of the past. One of the reasons? The deal went well with another competitor.

As Deal revealed in 2017 at the Dirty 30 reunion, she and Jordan Wiseley developed a bond over the course of the season. It also became apparent in the post-season session that the Deal and Henry division was unfriendly. Deal shared that he believed Henry hacked his phone and took screenshots of text message conversations with Wiseley, an allegation that Henry denied from top to bottom. Henry claimed that Deal connected with Wiseley prior to their separation, and Deal told Henry that the connection occurred after they finished filming the season. Deal and Henry met in 2018 when they were reluctant partners in The Challenge: Final Reckoning , which did not win.

Deal and Wiseley started dating after Dirty 30, and in 2018 Deal announced on their YouTube channel that they moved in together. The following year, they got engaged while filming. The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.

Hannah Brown’s windmill toy was the gift she kept giving

Thanks to Baccalaureate Season 15, Bachelor Nation will never see a windmill the same way. During Hannah Brown’s special reunion for the season, Chris Harrison invited second runner-up Peter Weber to the stage so they could chat about the infamous fantasy suite date that took place at a windmill in Greece. Before the meeting, the world had the impression that Brown and Weber were intimate not once, but twice when they were in that windmill. This information first emerged when Brown was discussing one of his many heated conversations with contestant who will soon be eliminated Luke Parker. In a confessional segment, she told viewers that she and Weber connected twice during the night, and she refused to be embarrassed about it.

It turns out that that was not the whole truth. At the meeting, Brown shared that she “was a bit dishonest” when she talked about her evening at the windmill. She continued, “Since it’s out there, and I said there’s something Peter and I did twice, um, actually it was four times.” The gathering crowd, which included Weber’s fully entertaining parents, went wild.

Brown went on to win Dancing with the Stars , and Weber went on to be the star of the upcoming season of The Bachelor . Naturally, his season was at eye level in the windmill references.

That false division in RuPaul’s Drag Race was not planned

Monét X Change delivered dozens of iconic lip sync moments in RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars , and one of the most memorable happened when he synched lips with Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” against Dusty Ray Bottoms in the Season 10. As the song’s pre-chorus pulsed, X Change crossed himself, signaling to the judges and the public that he was about to attempt a death-defying trick. However, when the chorus struck, it gave a little jump, landed, and waved as if to say, “Not yet.” RuPaul and the rest of the judges laughed. When she really jumped into the splits later in the song, it was even more rewarding.

Both X Change and Bottoms left it all on stage that week, making RuPaul’s decision even more difficult. Before declaring who would go home that week, the host of the show stated, “That’s what we call a lip sync for your life. ” Bottoms lip sync was excellent, but it couldn’t beat X Change, a performance that It included a costume change, a gas mask comedy, and of course the fake.

At the Season 10 reunion, X Change revealed that the “Pound the Alarm” stunt was not planned. Rather, that brilliant bait and switch was just something that appeared in the future All Stars champion’s head while acting. Close it, actually.

When a star of the Vanderpump Rules shared his scheme

After Kristen Doute and James Kennedy’s relationship imploded in the third and fourth seasons of Vanderpump Rules , there were rumors that the DJ only chased the series veteran because he wanted to be on the reality show. Doute herself suspected that this was the case, recounting Bravo’s Daily Dish in 2015 that she believed he used to carry on Pump Rules . She said, “He just did his homework and knew exactly what he was doing. And he played with me to the point where he spent an entire season, became a primary, and then left me. A few days after Bravo’s Daily Plate launched that interview, Kennedy told Andy Cohen about Mira What’s Happening Live that the idea of him dating Doute just to secure his place in the cast was “absurd.”

However, he seemed to change his tone when it came time to film the Season 5 reunion in 2017. When his co-star Jax Taylor commented that Kennedy’s relationship with Doute is what led him to the series, Kennedy gave him A score of five and he said, “Shit, yes, buddy.” The rest of the cast laughed, including Doute. Kennedy went on to say that he knew he would end up on the show no matter what because he planned to “move in with [castmate Tom Sandoval] or start beating up his ex-girlfriend. Well, at least everyone can laugh at this now.

The truth came out at The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson dropped a chilling indictment in The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Reunion. Wolfsmith-Culberson claimed that Brooks Ayers, Gunvalson’s intermittent boyfriend, advised her husband Ryan Culberson to “start beating Briana into line.” The RHOCs The cast remained silent as Ayers tried to deny Wolfsmith-Culberson’s claims, before apologizing. Gunvalson’s co-stars did two takes and asked Ayers if he actually spoke those words to Culberson. Ayers said he was “drunk and angry” when he had that conversation with Culberson, adding, “And yes, I’m sorry I said it.”

Supposedly, this was just one of the many horrible things Ayers apparently said to Wolfsmith-Culberson when he was part of his mother’s life, but thankfully, that chapter ended. In August 2015 MY! News Gunvalson and Ayers confirmed that they broke up once and for all.

A Love Is Blind contestant considered ending their marriage

One of Love is Blind Married couples disclosed at the meeting that their relationship had a significant obstacle after the season ended. When the cast of the Netflix dating show reunited for the reunion, Amber Pike was candid about her relationship with Matt Barnett, admitting that they struggled to adjust to married life after they got married in November 2018, So much so that Pike »called to get a divorce attorney«. She finally did not file, and the two are still together as of this writing. Pike said, “Seeing how we’re both so stubborn and stubborn, stubborn, when we bump into our heads, it could be bad. It could be intense. So figuring out how to handle that made a big difference for us.

Barnett added: “We stopped trying to force what we expected from each other. Once it happened… nothing but really good things since then.

RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite expressed regret

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 alum Adore Delano returned to the Werk Hall for All Stars Season 2, but her return home didn’t last long. In the middle of the second episode, Delano retired from competition just before the Snatch Game. It was a decision that surprised RuPaul and the fans off guard.

At the RPDR All Stars Reunion Season 2, Delano expressed shame and regret. She said: «Nobody follows All 2 stars and is, like, going out. That is like a hit. That’s not even my style. ” Delano added that her insecurities overcame her, noting that she felt she was not at the same level as her competitors. »I did not prepare to return to total elimination. process, the process of criticism, the damn track, “he said. Delano also noted that she and Michelle Visage were on tour together just before the season, but Delano was “not ready” to return to his judge / contestant. dynamic.

Before the meeting, Delano talked about his time on the series in Periscope (via YouTube). She shared that when she was on All Stars, it was during “a dark time” that included her father’s death and an abrupt breakdown by text message. “I was constantly working to try to fill the gap of … not dealing with family problems and what was really happening to myself and my self-esteem,” said Delano.

Shahs of Sunset took a turn that no one saw coming

It took some time and a lot of tears, but Shahs of Sunset The Mercedes couple “MJ” Javid and Tommy Feight finally won over their biggest critic. MJ’s mother Vida Javid revealed at the season 6 reunion that she was finally beginning to cheer up with her daughter’s future fiancé, the future husband. Andy Cohen couldn’t contain his surprise, and MJ’s co-stars, several of whom she grew up in, were incredulous.

Feight kept turning when he added, “I like Vida more than MJ. It’s funny! There is no person more fun on the planet than Vida Javid ». And just as the rest of the cast thought their jaws couldn’t be on the ground anymore, Vida said, “I said to Mercedes, ‘If you don’t marry him, I will marry him.’

Just two years before Shahs of Sunset the cast reunited for the Season 6 reunion, Vida so disapproved of her daughter’s partner that she left the MJ and Feight engagement event. However, the dynamics of Life and Feight changed when MJ’s father, Shams Javid, fell ill, and since then they have been a relatively strong unit.

A Bachelor In Paradise contestant confessed her feelings

Single in Paradise Season 5 couple Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek left Sayulita, Mexico in a relationship, but the same could not be said after the meeting. Like the After Paradise cameras shot (via Entertainment Tonight ), Nicalek admitted to Puccini that he didn’t think he was the right person for her, adding that he believed he “had lost that spark” they had before. Suffice to say, she was shocked by his breakup on stage.

After the After Paradise episode aired, Nicalek admitted to Us weekly that “it was not the right place to have a breakup, but there is no right place to have a breakup.” He went on to tell the store that they are still “best friends” and they went hiking together the day after viewers saw them break up on television. Puccini told Extra that “it was difficult” to see the scene, but she “of course wants the best for him.” She also expressed her desire to “go back in time” and “be friends and continue working on things and see if they could be better,” but acknowledged that this may not be in her best interest for emotional well-being. Puccini even went so far as to ask “America” ​​to forgive Nicalek and be “nice” to him, because there was so much more to his story that happened behind the scenes.

Andy Cohen confirms that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will not be performing

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Season 9 filmed in June 2019, host Andy Cohen took a moment over lunch to upload to Instagram Live (via IM! News ) to tell friend Anderson Cooper (as well as fans watching the broadcast) that stalwart Lisa Vanderpump was not present. Cooper asked if Vanderpump had been there for the session, and Cohen only offered a cryptic smile. This hot scoop came a few days after DailyMailTV released an interview in which Vanderpump said that he would likely not appear at the meeting or return to the series.

Still, it was tempting to wait for Vanderpump to make a surprise reunion cameo and solve the Puppygate fiasco that ended his friendships with the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, when the episodes of the meeting premiered the following month, the restorer was really nowhere to be found. Cohen then turned to social media to confess that Vanderpump did not call, did not show up. Viewers heard the meeting confession. while it was happening .