The Real Reason Prince Harry Misses His Old Life

Principe Harry

Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles with his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie Harrison after the famous parents gave up their royal duties, but now it seems that the Duke of Sussex misses his old life.

According to The Telegraph, the Prince told his close friends that he feels he would have been “better protected” from the chaos he has faced in recent months if he were still in the military. He also reportedly said that he “cannot believe” how his life has been “turned upside down,” and now that he is a “normal” resident of the United States, he misses the “camaraderie” of life as a soldier.

As fans may know, Harry was stripped of his military appointments when he and Meghan left the monarchy on March 31, 2024. Since then, the two have become socially estranged in California with their son (who turns 1 on May 6. 2024). ) and working on the launch of his charity, Archewell.

Prince Harry ‘really misses’ the military

Prince Harry toured Afghanistan twice during his 10-year military career before leaving in 2015. Lovingly known as “Captain Wales” in the forces, he retains the rank of major and insisted on his departure from the monarchy for him. “It would continue its unwavering support to the military community in an unofficial capacity,” according to Daily Mail. Still, after Megxit, Harry was forced to resign from certain honorary roles, including the Captain General of the Royal Marines and the RAF Honington Honorary Air Commander.

“Harry has told his friends that he really misses the Army and his military appointments,” a source said to The Telegraph.

Although he loves his wife and is happy with his decision to resign as a member of royalty and the military, he doesn’t know how things got so difficult.

“He was in a happy place when he was serving in the military, then he met Meghan and life has been great ever since. But I don’t think I anticipated things going the way they did,” the source continued.

While Harry misses his military appointments, he is unlikely to lose any of his royal duties. The Prince told The Mail on Sunday in 2017 that he had ever wanted to get out of real life forever. He also told her Daily Mail Royal reporter Rebecca English says he would rather be a tour guide in Africa than a prince.

Prince Harry’s military life continues to affect him

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to resign the monarchy came after they suffered intense media criticism of their relationship, Meghan’s background, and her alleged influence on the prince. During her time at the palace, sources branded her a “duchess of a diva” and criticized her for allegedly fighting Kate Middleton and breaking British royal tradition. Finally, the Sussexs decided to say goodbye to the royal family and move to the other side of the world. They have now settled in the actress’ hometown Los Angeles.

A source close to Harry told The Telegraph that the prince does not blame his wife for wanting to make the move. But “there is a feeling that he could have been better protected if he were still in the Army,” the source said.

“From learning the difficult way to stay by my sergeant of color in Sandhurst, to the amazing people I served with during two tours in Afghanistan, the experiences I have had over the past 10 years will remain with me for the rest of my life. For that I will always be enormously grateful,” Harry said once about his time as a soldier.

After Megxit, Harry is still involved in the military community. He just launched a military mental health initiative, HeadFIT, in April 2024.