The Real Reason Lewis Capaldi Still Lives With His Parents

Lewis Capaldi

Just because you’re a beloved singer and songwriter with millions of fans and multiple award (and win) nominations doesn’t mean you live in the lap of luxury, just ask Scottish singer-songwriter and beloved red carpet photobomber, Lewis Capaldi.

Despite his rise to fame, fueled by the 2019 insta-classic “Someone You Loved” and the debut album that topped the list Divinely Uninspired in a Hellish Degree Capaldi insists that fame has hardly changed him. In fact, the musician’s house is the house he grew up in.

In a June 2019 post on his YouTube channel, Capaldi gave fans a tour of his family’s home, which he still “shares with his mother Carol, a nurse, and fishmonger dad Mark,” according to the Daily Mail. The video, titled “Becoming Lewis Capaldi,” gave viewers a glimpse of his upbringing in the Scottish city of Bathgate, as well as a full four-cornered view of his childhood room.

Against the backdrop of New York City wallpaper, while sitting on what appears to be a double bed, Capaldi joked that he had “spent a lot of good times between these same sheets,” getting “pretty hot and sweaty some nights”. He then revealed that it was while the Lord of the Rings trilogy was marathoning. “I was here for days,” Capaldi confessed in his own self-critical humor.

So why, exactly, does the award-winning singer still live at home? The answer might be a little more complicated than you think.

Lewis Capaldi’s life situation could be practical

In the past, Lewis Capaldi was known to joke with the press about the fact that he spends all his profits on food. In an interview with the Daily Star in September 2019, he unabashedly said that “he can’t avoid the stuffing [his] face”, but the reason for his current living arrangement could have more practical roots.

According to the Evening Standard, in April 2019, the singer-songwriter turned to Instagram to deliver resounding applause after discovering his alleged online net worth, which, according to Forbes and Wikipedia, was estimated at £ 8 million (the equivalent of almost $ 10 million dollars).

“I have less than £ 200 in my bank right now, so who the hell has my $ 10 million?” Capaldi said in a video posted on his Instagram Stories, despite having sold stadiums for his shows and earning a Grammy Nomination in 2019. “I still live with my mother and father.” He added: “I have had the same room since I was 12 years old and you want to tell me there is $ 10 million?”

Since Capaldi’s post, both Forbes and Wikipedia have apparently removed any reference to the artist’s earnings.

Lewis Capaldi prefers to be safe rather than regret

While Lewis Capaldi’s mysteriously vanishing millions might factor in as to why the artist still resides in his childhood home, the main reason seems to be the simplest: Due to constant touring, he’s hardly ever home.

According to NME, Capaldi spent most of 2019 on the road and playing shows, selling 77,000 tickets online in just ten minutes for his UK and Ireland tour and then slated for 2024. However, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic, the tour has since been canceled, with the possibility of a new tour rescheduled with Niall Horan in 2024.

As for whether the two-time Brit Award winner has plans to move out of his parents’ home anytime soon? According to an October 2019 interview with the New York Post, he hopes continued success will enable him to “earn enough money to move out of my parents’ house [in 2024].”

“I hope this is the year I finally lose my virginity,” Capaldi added with a smile.