Everything You Need To Know About Elopement Wedding

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Elope is a word that was colloquially treated with resentment and couples who eloped were either banished or in some communities killed. Hitherto what has been considered a serious offense is the new normal with a twist. Nowadays elopement wedding pretty refers to a downsized wedding where the guest list is a bare minimum and often none.

Albeit people are considering a small personalized wedding for various reasons, they are not compromising on elopement wedding photography. The reason is simple – elopement gives the flexibility for people to spend on stuff that matters to them.

Reasons to elope and marry

Elopement as iterated is now a choice and not the only option. Here are a few reasons that people are in favor of a small wedding without fanfare.

It’s all about you

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A traditional wedding has a large guest list and likewise the expense of venue, decor, and catering increases with every extra guest. Most of the guests may never appear in the couple’s lives again and some are meeting them for the first time. A large gathering will test the nerves of even the coolest bride and groom including that of a wedding planner if one is involved.

Whereas elopement is sans the long guest list. The venues, decor, and expenses are flexible. One can marry anywhere, invite or not invite anyone they like, and spend as much as they decide specifically on things that matter to them. If they want their wedding photographs to resemble those from magazine covers or a romantic movie clip, they can go for it. If they want their love to be showcased and not concentrate on if they looked like a HuckleBerry Finn marrying Heidi in the background of the Alps, they can sign-up for it. At the end of the day, elopement is about the couple.


There is a misconception that elopements are not grand. On the contrary, in elopement, there is free will. If the couple wants expensive decor, the best food, and an ace photographer to cover their wedding with close family and friends, they can go for it.

Elopements are all about flexibility. It gives them the ability to decide what works for them. When you decide to elope, there is planning involved. But it does not involve as many things as a traditional wedding. It’s like a good holiday that we are taking with just the people we want to be with – only that the day is more than a vacation and is the wedding day.

More expressive

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People tend to hide emotions in front of large crowds. Nonetheless, elopements are expressive. When it’s a memorable day of your life, you are about to marry the love of your life, and are surrounded by the closest people in your life, there cannot be a more perfect moment than this to lose guard of the proprietary and let your emotions speak for the moment. And a good photographer will capture these special candid moments.

Stunning photographs

Most people who elope, prefer locations with breathtaking views that will become amazing backdrops for stunning pictures. People who marry in this manner will always cherish the hard work that goes behind all the trekking one has to do and scale a mountain or hill, to get photographed for a wedding that is one of a kind.

It is a good idea to make a list of places that a couple has in their mind and check with the photographer before finalizing the place. This step is necessary to avoid any weather-related mishaps and things that even the photographer’s team is not prepared for.


As iterated earlier, elopements are flexible. This means that a person can spend whatever their budget allows. So if you are on a budget and can only spend less than a traditional wedding, then go for an elopement without any flutters in your stomach.

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Elopements are soul-stirring moments as they are more intimate than traditional weddings where in some communities even public display of affection between the couple is restricted. This is one day when a couple should feel like two halves joining in unison to become a soul – elopements bring that effect.