Thoughtful Gifts That Strengthen The Bond Of Long Distance Relationships


Relationships are hard work and it is important to make one’s significant other feel loved and appreciated often. Meaningful gifts have a way of strengthening the bond you share with your partner. Long distance relationships are a whole different ball game. The distance could work in your favor and make you emotionally close or end up making you feel lonely.

Stay connected despite the distance

People in long distance relationships can schedule phone/video calls so that they stay emotionally connected no matter how busy they are. Make a pledge to stick to the schedule. It is a sign that you are committed towards the relationship. On weekends you can indulge in activities together that don’t require you both to be in the same place.

You can try catching up a movie on streaming platforms and keep texting each other along the way or playing online games. Insecurity plays havoc in any relationship. Let your partner spend time with other new friends. This wouldn’t make you grow apart. Instead it would give you new stuff to talk about during your calls. Send them gifts on special days.

Gifts for long-distance couples

Coordinates bracelets

Stainless steel coordinates bracelets available at etched with coordinates of any preferred location is a sure shot winner. They are the top choice for personalized jewels. This customized gift is a lovely reminder of the bond you share and also helps you wade through tricky moments of your relationship. You can consider adding coordinates of:

  • You current location
  • The location of your first date
  • The place you both met for the first time
  • Location of marriage

A quick search on Google is all you need to do to find the location coordinates of any location. Open Google maps and select the location. Right click on it and select ‘what’s here?’ to find out the coordinates.

Touch bracelet

These couple bracelets are slim, water-proof, and stylish and serve the purpose of keeping partners staying connected. Regardless of where you are, you can touch your bracelet’s display and instantly your partner will feel their bracelet vibrate and light up with a color of their choice. You’ll need to install an app and have your phone’s Wifi and Bluetooth turned on at all times.


The lack of physical intimacy is a huge bummer in long distance relationships. Everyone knows the healing powers of hugs and touch. It is painful knowing that your partner is having a bad day and you can’t hold them. Send them a pillow with cheesy typography so that they can hold on to it until they meet you.


Touch lamp

Touch lamps are a great way to let your partner know you miss them. Once both of you connect your lamp to the WiFi and one of you touches it, the other person’s lamp would respond to the touch and light-up. These couple lamps help to light up any bad day and helps you stay connected despite the physical distance. For more interesting gifts check here.

Comforter blanket

Comforters are one step above to pillows. They aid you on lonely days and nights. Wrapping yourself with a cozy comforter simulates the feeling of being hugged. You can also customize it with your pictures. This helps your partner ease into sleep easily on nights when you are busy working.

Engraved promise ring

Carry memories of your relationship wherever you go. Engraved couple rings with your favorite quote, date or initials and give them to your partner. The ring is a sign of serious commitment and is like a shout-out that despite the distance you are committed to one another.

Photo book

One doesn’t ever get a photo book. Put together a photo book with cute pictures of the moments you shared and your partner is guaranteed to flip through those pages often and reminisce about the good moments. You could also visit Memorialize Art to make it more personalized.

Care package


Is your loved one having a bad day at work? Send them a care package with their favorite treats like cookies, chocolate, bath bomb, T-shirts and any supplies that interest them. Make your partner feel pampered and remind them they aren’t alone.

‘Open when’ letters

‘Open when’ letters consist of a series of letters that contain instructions on when each one should be opened – open when you first unpack, on your birthday, open when you miss me, open when you need a massage when we have an argument when you need a cuddle, you need a pep talk, etc. The handwritten notes are enough to add more spark to your relationship.

Quote mug

A desk mug with a cheesy or motivating quote coupled with your pictures makes a great gift. Every time you pick her/ his mug for coffee, they are going to be thinking about you. They’d start their day with a wide smile.

Selfie stick

Something as simple as a selfie stick can work in keeping your relationship fun. If you both love sending pictures to each other, a selfie stick would come in handy. Click pictures when you are on the go and surprise your partner all through the day.



Go all vintage for once with telegrams. In an era of instant messengers, sending telegrams has its own essence. Send love notes via telegram and remind your partner how much they mean to you.

Dual zone watch

The time difference between both can be quite confusing. Eliminate confusion by getting them a dual zone watch that displays time of both time zones. This super-practical gift reminds you of your partner every time they glance at the watch.

Bouquet of roses

The power of roses needs no introduction. Romance and flowers go hand in hand. When your partner is having a difficult day, arrange for a same-day bouquet delivery at their doorstep with a personalized message to cheer them up.


If your partner loves public gestures, consider sending colorful balloons to their workplace or home expressing your love.

Don’t let distance hamper your relationship. Shower your bae with gifts and grow emotionally stronger together.