Are Bongs the Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed – 2024 Guide


People have been consuming marijuana in as many different ways as possible since crossing their paths with the herb and the practice has not changed till today. The point of enjoying the herb surpasses mere relaxation and the inevitable increase in appetite, moreover, we should emphasize that the ritual of passing the joint around the circle of green smoke enthusiasts is one of the main culprits for the beginning of numerous friendships around the globe.

Still, there is hardly a classier way to smoke your weed other than using your bong to enhance the experience, but is that the healthiest way to smoke the herb? Read our 2024 guide and find out whether bongs are good for you or should you consider alternative means of doing your stuff.

How do Bongs work?

Bongs represent much more than you might perceive at the first glance. On one hand, some weed aficionados consider bongs to be nothing else but pieces of art. Although their point of view might be arguable, we agree that some bong specimens would deserve to be exhibited at a museum of some sort, only if their owners would agree to detach from them for a while.

Other bong types serve their purpose, which is to cool the smoke down before it is safe for the consumer to inhale it. Now, a bong consists of various parts we should mention in order to break down the philosophy behind the concept.

As we have already mentioned, there are numerous bong designs ranging from the simplest of forms to much more complicated gadgets. Still, the basics form must never change, otherwise, a bong would be useless. Therefore, we underline the importance of the following parts: the base, the downstem, the bowl, a carb, a smoke chamber, and a mouthpiece.


The base is where the water is held. Basically, the liquid’s purpose is both to cool down the smoke and to collect the impurities you do not need. Now, the bowl is the piece where you would place your weed or the joint, depending on what you prefer, and connect it to the liquid via the downstem. The nature of the downstem allows the smoke to mix with the fluid without compromising the dryness of the mixture you smoke.

Naturally, you would inhale the smoke through a piece that you place your mouth on and would travel via a smoke chamber. Now, some smoke chambers are designed to keep small ice packaged to enhance the cooling process even further, but the basic models will do just fine even if you do not have this type of upgrade. Finally, you would use the carb when the time for the initial inhalation comes. After you extract a sufficient amount inside your bong, just release the finger from the carb and take in as much as your lungs can handle. If you want to learn about different bong types and their uses feel free to consult the smokea and check out what they have in stock for weed enthusiasts.

The Medical Influence Factor


The story behind smoking any type of matter is as simple as it gets. Namely, inhaling a burning matter is not good for you, since human lungs are not designed to process smoke, as simple as that. Also, you should be aware that smoking your weed out in the open is much healthier than doing your thing in a closed room.

Now, if we would compare smoking your favorite plant via a bong to smoking it in any alternative way, we could say that bongs are your best friends. The catch with the bongs is in the water and the filtration the liquid takes care of. If you would smoke a regular joint, you would not only smoke the paper indirectly, but you would also consume the undesired residue along with the desired THC or CBD, depending on what you smoke.

When pipes are concerned, we should underline they are better than the rolled ones, but still not as good as the experience a bong would deliver. Now, carrying a bong with you wherever you go would not be a practical thing to do, therefore, we recommend choosing the alternative method that would meet your wants and needs without causing too much harm for your lungs and overall health. Besides pipes, one-hitters could do the trick, especially if you want to take a single hit only, as its name suggests.

Some folks reckon that vaping their weed is the healthiest way to get high, but medical researchers have come to different conclusions. Namely, the vaping fluids often contain the vitamin E acetate, which is more dangerous to your alveoli than the regular smoke, and, therefore, represents a dangerous alternative to the standard means of smoking weed.

Maintain Your Bong Regularly


Regular maintenance of your weed smoking equipment is of utter importance, since the cleaner your gear is, the chances you will have a better experience are higher. When bongs are concerned, you should always make sure you use fresh water and replace the musty residue as soon as you notice the change in clarity.

Back in the day, pot smokers used to believe that their trips will be stronger if they used the same bong water over and over again. To make a long story short, they were wrong, and if you do not want to expose yourself to any health hazards, we recommend you use fresh for your sessions and sanitize your gear after you are finished.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you realize both the negative and the positive features of a bong. In order to make the most of your weed gadgets, we urge you to maintain them the right way, otherwise, you will expose yourself to higher health risks you can easily avoid. Anything smokable will impact your health, so if you want to smoke your weed, at least you should do it responsibly, with the right equipment.