6 Stone Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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While an all-white kitchen will always remain a classic, playing with a gray palette can be just as chic. Stone-gray kitchen cabinets, gray decor, and gray tiles can enhance the look of the kitchen.

Curious about how to pull off such a sophisticated look?

To help homeowners out, find out some of the best stone gray kitchen cabinets design ideas that can make the kitchen space a nice place to look at:

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Stone color kitchen cabinets design ideas

From modern to rustic, these design ideas show that stone gray kitchen cabinets are here to stay for good! So, let’s explore some interesting options:

1. All-gray

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Just like an all-white kitchen (white cabinets, countertops, and tiles), an all-gray kitchen looks aesthetic. It gives a clear resemblance around the space. In addition, one can add glossy subway tiles to enhance the look further.

Homeowners can also add decor items that contrast with gray perfectly; black or white chandeliers, plants, and white lightning, for instance. To make it more interesting, add silver handles and knobs on cabinets.

2. Pair stone gray kitchen cabinets with backsplash

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The classic combination of white, black, and gray always creates that unexpected charm. Pair stone gray cabinets with a stylish backsplash and black countertops.

It is the best way to add simple yet classy textures to the kitchen space. One can go for stylish countertops that give a more elegant look to the kitchen.

3. Play around with timber

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For those who love the farmhouse kitchen style, pairing gray stone cabinets with wooden floors and countertops is an ideal choice. Give a new kitchen an aged-to-perfection look with a cozy medley of natural materials.

Stone gray cabinets contrast extremely well with fittings and faucets made of bronze that have a vintage appearance and eventually tarnish. In this way, modern commercial-grade appliances smoothly merge into the space’s vintage beauty and strike a balance between old and new.

A huge farmhouse kitchen table stands in the room’s middle to encourage family gatherings instead of a more conventional island.

4. Stone gray kitchen cabinets with matching gray kitchen island

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Should the kitchen island blend with the cabinets? Yes, if homeowners want to produce a strong visual effect, their kitchen cabinetry and island should often match.

For example, dark gray cabinets should be used constantly throughout the space with the same color kitchen island. The result is a beautiful, complementing environment that brings attention to the exquisite gray hue and cabinetry design.

5. Make the most out of gold

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The most cost-effective approach to adorn gray cabinets is with inexpensive gold hardware. Gold is a popular hue for kitchen spaces, and also adds a splash of color to neutral cabinetry.

If homeowners don’t want to spend a lot of money on a complete redesign, think about replacing the knobs and handles with modern gold accents. Elegant and classic gray cabinets with gold hardware are ideal for a contemporary kitchen appearance.

6. Mix and match with hardware

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Hardware is typically the last thing people consider. But consider the impact that door and drawer handles have on style. Slab-type doors and drawers can become whole more interesting by adding retro hardware or quirky pop culture/hobby style hardware.

For instance, if a homeowner is establishing a farmhouse motif, they may experiment a little with hardware that is fashioned like farm animals and tools with stone gray cabinets.

Things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets

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Choosing cabinets for kitchen spaces isn’t an easy task. Since it is a significant investment, one must consider a few important things to select the right one.

Here are the factors that one needs to consider that can help in narrowing down the choices:

Styles of cabinet doors

When picking kitchen cabinets, cabinet door style should be taken into account in addition to factors like the type of wood and finishes. The focus of cabinets is their doors. The kitchen’s look can change completely depending on the door style one chooses. For instance, a modern yet minimalist kitchen combines slab-type doors with glass insert doors.

Purpose of cabinets

Always keep function in mind when making decisions. For instance, a motif of open shelves won’t combine well with cupboards that will be utilized for canned goods, piles of cookies, and snacks.

If having counter space rather than storage space is more vital, homeowners can decide to make the top cabinets considerably shorter so that taller appliances can be placed on the counter. In addition, cabinets with more drawers than shelves may be more useful for keeping the containers that one utilizes frequently.

It’s important to consider the layout in addition to the function.

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Customized shapes and sizes

Stock cabinets are great, especially when homeowners are in a hurry, as when the dishwasher breaks down and causes significant water damage. However, picking kitchen cabinets does not require an individual to limit them to merely standard sizes.

For anyone who needs unique sizes and forms, custom kitchen cabinets are great. For example, perhaps one needs a cabinet to place an espresso maker under three inches shorter than all other top cabinets. Nowadays, designers mix and match various shapes and sizes to make the kitchen space look interesting and super functional, so it’s easy to find endless inspirations from designer kitchens.

Organization Style

Consider organizational style as a final step. One can also prefer cabinets with built-in shelves for stacking pots and pans or ones with more space on the exterior for hanging pans. Here, bespoke cabinets are extremely helpful.

In addition, one can choose from a wider range of organization options, such as different sizes for specific item types. One can even combine a few other styles to come up with a theme that’s uniquely theirs.


So that’s it! These were some of the best stone gray cabinets kitchen ideas through which a homeowner can make the kitchen space an elegant one. The gray color seems to be outdated, but it is one of the modern colors once it is combined with countertops and backsplash. All it needs is creativity!