How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unique


Planning a wedding ceremony can be such a tedious and difficult task, especially when you intend to make it unique without involving event planners or event management companies.

A unique wedding ceremony is possible with the right information and guideline.

We wish for all our readers to have beautiful and unique wedding parties. This is why we have put this article together to discuss ways to make your wedding party unique, memorable, and the talk of the town.

To make your wedding party unique is not such a huge deal; you need to put some things into consideration, like your invitation card, seating arrangement, bridal train entrance, music selection, meal choices, games, and decoration, not forgetting your wedding exit.

You may want to spend a few minutes of your time going through this article as we discuss these unique steps.

Make A Creative Invitation Card


The first impression matters. How unique people would feel about your wedding begins from the first impression about the ceremony.

So how do you make a first impression about your wedding ceremony?

It is simply by designing a bespoke wedding invitation card.

Make the invitation card creative, and incorporate simple but personalized monograms on the wedding card to make it look beautiful and unique.

Do you know that a wedding invitation card alone is enough to make a person change their mind about attending your wedding ceremony, so how unique you create the wedding invitation card determines to a large extent the guest’s first impression about the wedding ceremony.

Have A Unique Seating Arrangement in Your Venue

Having a unique wedding ceremony is achievable, and you can make it happen by being intentional and taking note of every little detail, like the seating arrangement of the event venue.

Think out of the box and create a seating arrangement that will keep your guests in awe. You can liaise with your event planner to get a professional event interior vendor who understands what you want to achieve.

A unique seating arrangement of your venue will create a lasting memory in the minds of your guests, and your wedding ceremony will be regarded as a unique one that other celebrants can copy.

Decoration is Key


Never joke with the venue decoration if you want a unique wedding ceremony. It is not just about copying what another person did in their ceremony; creating your impressions; it means being amazing and unique.

The decoration must align with your chosen day color and correspond with the unique seating arrangement to bring out an amazing view.

You can incorporate childhood photos on the tables with beautiful, unique candlestick holders around them; imagine the amazing view it would give.

Plan Your Bridal Train Entrance

This is one of the most effective and common ways to create a unique impression about your wedding day.

Wow, your guests with the couple and bridal train entrance at the reception venue. Create a mental picture they would not easily forget in a while.

How can you make the bridal train entrance unique? I am sure this question is on your mind now.

You are to think this out yourself but let me quickly help you with two ideas;

Learn A Dance Step Together For Your Entrance

Engage your best man, bridesmaid, little bridesmaid, and page boy in a dance rehearsal before your wedding ceremony. So during the entrance, all of you would dance together. Imagine the atmosphere it would create.

You Can Do A Playlet, You And Your Spouse

This unique feature can make your wedding entrance look unique and alluring; try these and be glad you did.


Make A Choice of Unique Music

This is another aspect of your wedding ceremony that you must make unique. Hire a professional DJ and do a music review with them on your best choice of music.

This music selection should be in line with what type of guests you are expecting. This would not only personally entertain them but also give them a unique feeling in your wedding ceremony.

How Unique Are Your Meal Choices?

To make your wedding ceremony unique, it must cut across every aspect of your event, including the refreshment aspect. Don’t just depend on the everyday delicacies and wedding routine food for your guest.

Think about a new delicacy that your guests would enjoy and never stop talking about for a while. Please work with your food vendor closely and ensure they have everything set before your big day so that you both can review and approve.

What guests eat in a wedding ceremony takes time to leave their memory; you may want to capitalize on that and create a unique wedding for yourself from the aspect of food and refreshment.

Play Wedding Games


Wedding games make wedding ceremonies entertaining and help engage the couple and guest to have a unique and special fun feeling.

You can introduce wedding games to make your wedding unique. However, you must ensure the game goes well at an essential time in the ceremony by relating closely with your MC.

Some of the games you can introduce in your wedding to make it unique are the shoe game, the blindfold game, the music challenge game, the matchmaking game, etc.

Your Exit Pattern is Important Too

Just like you wowed your guests with your entrance pattern, to make it more unique, create an intriguing bridal train exit from the wedding venue after the ceremony.

Think out of the box, create something that would keep your guests spell-bound for a long time, and make a lasting impression on their minds.


Having a unique and mind-blowing wedding ceremony is not a mirage; it takes, however, a conscious and intentional effort.

We largely believe that the above-discussed ways would help you have a mind-blowing and unique wedding that would be the talk of the town for some time.

Feel free to come back to this article if, in the process of planning your wedding ceremony, you get confused on the way, as it will help you get back on track to having a unique wedding party.