5 Ways To Stay Warm While Hunting In Cold Weather

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Have you ever hunted in very cold temperatures? If so, then you’ll know just how much preparation you need to do physically and mentally to gear yourself up for the occasion.

If you’re planning to hunt in cold weather, you must make sure that you are appropriately geared up for the occasion. After all, it’s better to remain ahead of the game and protect yourself from the bitter cold than leave yourself vulnerable!

There are a couple of specific things you can do to ensure that you stay warm while hunting in cold weather. Here are our top 5 picks.

1. Wear Suitable Boots

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When you go hunting, it’s always best to wear the most practical clothing that you can. This concerns footwear.

Your feet will be the first part of your body to feel the chill while you hunt in the cold weather. This means you should invest in a pair of suitable boots that will keep the heat in. If you’re unsure of where to start looking, you can check out DeerHuntingGuide.net for more information.

Your footwear should not be so tight that it cuts off the circulation to your feet, but not too loose that the shoes fall off your feet. Having extremely tight shoes will automatically result in reduced blood flow to your feet which will leave your body feeling much colder.

You should also wear thick wool socks with moisture-wicking abilities to keep your feet free from moisture.

2. Have A Hot Drink On Hand

When hunting, you might underestimate just how cold the weather truly is and experience some full-body shivers as a result of this. Fortunately, there’s a way to stave off these feelings — having a hot beverage on hand to sip.

Including a thermos or a flask in your hunting bag is a very smart choice. You’ll get thirsty sooner or later and will need to supplement this with a hot beverage to satisfy your thirst and warm you up from the inside.

Whether you prefer hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, a hot drink could make all the difference in keeping you warm while hunting in cold weather!

3. Make Sure You Carb Load

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The food that you choose to eat while you are hunting (or just before) has a huge impact on how resilient you are to the cold weather. And, as strange as it may be to believe, multiple foods can keep you warm as you hunt in cold weather.

You can start by loading up on oatmeal as it’s packed with nutrients and minerals for your body to use during your hunting sessions. It’s a slow-release food meaning it slowly breaks down to release some much-needed energy. Consider pasta as another source of energy.

Provided your foods are very high in protein and especially carbohydrates, you’ll be fuller for longer and will likely feel a lot warmer while hunting in cold weather.

4. Improve Your Fitness Levels

Physical fitness is an essential part of hunting so you can move around without struggling or getting easily out of breath. You must be alert at all times when hunting and must also be able to move speedily to locate and chase after games.

Focus on exercises that boost your stamina, muscle strength, and even cardio to get your heart pumping. If you find that you lose your breath quickly after only a couple of miles of running, you might struggle.

Plus, being able to run at speed will do wonders for keeping you warm while you hunt in the colder weather!

5. Keep Your Head Warm

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Another key thing you must do is keep your head warm. Hunters have to face the wind head-on, a wind that is often freezing. This could lead to nasty headaches and will undoubtedly leave you feeling cold.

You can avoid (or at least limit) these feelings by adding a thick hat or two to your head every time you go hunting. It may not look like the most stylish thing but you must keep yourself as warm as possible.

You should also wear heavily insulated gloves to keep your hands warm. It may be better to consider wearing hand muffs as hunters typically cannot shoot as well while wearing thick gloves.


If you don’t stay warm while hunting in cold weather, you are dooming your hunting experience before it even begins! To avoid this, make sure to abide by these simple tips the next time you venture out.