8 Apartment Hunting Mistakes All Beginners are Making – 2024 Guide

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If you’re about to look for an apartment for the first time, you might feel quite anxious/excited. Finding a place to live means you’ll have as much independence as you wish and you’ll have the chance to really be your own person. Whether you’re apartment-hunting so you have someplace to stay while you’re at college or university or you just want your own place, this 2024 guide can help.

This guide will teach you what not to do when you’re hunting for the perfect apartment. This will ensure you’re more likely to find a place that’s ideal for you.

Only Searching Online

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Many people make the mistake of only searching online for a place. However, there will be apartments available that are not listed online. Did you know that approximately 30% of people find an apartment elsewhere? This means there is a real potential for you to find a place through word-of-mouth or even in a realtor’s window.

Give yourself more opportunity to find a place that suits you down to the ground. Remember, before the internet came along, everyone had to visit a realtor to find an apartment.

Not Considering How Far They’ll Need to Travel

When you don’t consider how far you’ll need to travel for work, college, or university, you could cause problems. This is because you’ll also need to factor travel costs and time into the equation. Going to college? Visit this website for apartments close by. Working in the center of the town? Make sure your new apartment is nearby.

Think about how busy the highways get during rush hour. Do what you can to avoid the morning and evening rush. Be as close to your place of work as you can. If you find a place around the corner from where you work, there’s a chance you won’t need your car at all. You can simply walk to work and spend the gas money on something else.

Thinking You’ll Always Find a Place to Park

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If you look hard enough you might find a place to park but this isn’t always guaranteed. Parking spots can become full very quickly, especially in big cities. If you need to travel by car it would make sense for you to find an apartment that comes with a parking spot. You might have to pay a little more for a place to park but it’s not usually too expensive.
If it looks like you won’t find a parking space consider living elsewhere. Alternatively, you might want to think about traveling by bus or train.

Ignoring Your Budget

You might stumble across a really nice apartment but it could be slightly out of your budget. If this is the case you should look elsewhere. I know it could be tempting to ignore your budget but when you sign a contract that contract becomes legal.

Ideally, you should rent an apartment that will allow you to pay your other bills.

Trustworthy rental websites make it easier to find homes for sale or rent in the area, such as in Berlin and give access to a diverse inventory of rental options at competitive rates.

It’s no good having a pretty and expensive apartment if you cannot afford to live. Consider your budget and stick with it at all times.

Assuming a Landlord Will Agree to Let You Live There

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Let’s imagine you’ve found an apartment that you can afford. You assume that because you can afford to pay the $1,200 rent each month that the landlord will let you live there. This is a mistake that a lot of beginners make. You might have proof that you can afford to live there but this might not be enough. Your landlord might want you to have a guarantor.

A guarantor is someone who will pay the rent if you are unable to. If you’re moving to a big city, it’s likely that a prospective landlord will want you to have a guarantor. This is because it helps to minimize any risk. While there are some landlords that don’t ask for a guarantor, it’s usually worth having one, just in case.

Assuming You Won’t Need Renters Insurance

Renters insurance might seem like a waste of money right now. However, it’s important that you have it. Let’s imagine that someone breaks into your apartment and steals your laptop and television. How are you going to buy replacements if you have no cash? Renters insurance could mean that you’ll be compensated for the stolen goods.

Did you know that some landlords will insist that you take out this type of insurance? The good news is it isn’t expensive.

Assuming You Will Find a Place Quickly

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Some people are lucky enough to find a place within a few weeks, but most people won’t. You need to give yourself at least 30 days to look for an apartment. Most apartments that have recently become available can be snapped up within 30 days. Please bear in mind that apartments tend to disappear quite quickly. This means you will need to act fast if you find somewhere ideal. However, quick action might not always guarantee that you’ll get the place. Give yourself enough time to search for some more.

Accepting an Apartment Without Viewing it

While you might be tempted to only look at an apartment online, it could be a big mistake. Photographs can make rooms look so much bigger. In addition to this, a photo taken at a certain angle might hide the damp in the kitchen or the bedroom window that just won’t close.

Viewing an apartment in person is the best way for you to determine whether it is good enough for you. Don’t take the landlord’s word for it, check it out for yourself. You should also make sure you take another person with you so you get their perspective.

Use the above tips to help you find an apartment that’s ideal for you. Don’t make the same mistake as every beginner makes. Remember, you’ll have to live in that apartment for at least 6 months. Choose wisely and you could find a place that you love and is affordable.