How To Select The Right Automatic Tablet Counting Machine?


Imagine counting thousands of different types of tablets on your own every day. Scary, right? Well, don’t worry! An automatic pill-counting machine will help make the task easy for you. It is responsible for precisely counting the number of pharmaceutical tablets. Using the pill counter machine can significantly cut labor costs and efficiently track the number of medicines.

Tablet counters, also known as pill counters, are gaining popularity in pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. They are automated devices that precisely sort, count, and dispense pills, capsules, and tablets.

Why Is A Pill Counter Machine Necessary?


As you must know, inefficient methods like hand counting were utilized back in the day. It wastes a lot of time and prevents pharmacy assistants from doing other tasks, and because the job becomes so monotonous, it encourages more staff to resign.

The introduction of this automatic tablet counting machine helped simplify these tasks and ensured that the drug did not come into direct contact with humans. Thus, they help to maintain the quality of the medicines. Also, the accuracy rate of these machines is as high as 100%, which is significantly greater than humans.

The pharmacy pill counter employs the principle of infrared rays and has a built-in infrared counter and a baffle control that allows only one substance to pass through at a time. The turntable continuously drives particles into the channel, and when a particle falls into the channel for the first time, the infrared counter will automatically increase the count by one.

Advantages Of Using A Pill Counter Machine


The following are some advantages of a pill-counting machine:

Helps To Save Time

Can you imagine the time and effort needed to manually sort, count, and administer thousands of tablets of various shapes, sizes, and hues daily? The task will require numerous man-hours to finish. There is also the possibility of human error in these tasks.

Also, when there is a shortage of personnel, production suffers, and work becomes backed up. A counter device can easily automate the process by freeing up personnel for more critical tasks. Instead of employing additional personnel, installing a tablet counter would be more efficient.


When man hours are converted into dollars, it is surprising how expensive the manual process of counting pills is. Buying a counting device will incur a one-time expense, but it will help you save a substantial amount on personnel costs.

Correct Counting

Employees can often make mistakes in counting, and in such a scenario, they will have to start counting from the beginning. This causes a substantial loss of time as well as money. The primary function of a counting device is to boost the accuracy and productivity of the counting process.

Protection Against Contamination

Generally, the staff wears gloves as well as other safety equipment when handling medications since it may be required. Yet, this does not prevent the possibility of pill and bottle contamination. A counter device decreases the likelihood of contamination. To prevent cross-contamination, machine components that touch directly with the product must be cleaned between runs.

Customer Happiness

Customers are likely to file complaints if they receive bottles with the improper amount or type of pills. You may even be required to recall specific bottles or, at times, even the entire batch, resulting in customer complaints. A tablet counter prevents such occurrences from occurring. A counter device is among the most efficient pharmacy automation options.

Final Word

Automatic pill-counting machines are in quite a demand these days. This is owing to the great advantage they offer. As a result of the increased demand for these machines, a variety of options are available in the market. As a result, choosing the right one can be pretty difficult. It is essential to compare the quality standards of each option and then select one that fits your needs and requirements.