Things To Know Before Using A Smoke Machine For The First Time


The first thing you want to know is what is a smoke machine? It is exactly what the name suggests. A smoke machine pushes out dense white-coloured smoke which can occupy the whole room in just a few seconds.

There are various types of smoke machines available to purchase. However, most of them perform using the same mechanism. Smoke machines are available in cheaper price ranges to the more expensive ones. But ultimately, it depends on you and how you are going to use them, to buy a cheap one or a costlier one.

So here are some things that you must know before you purchase this machine:

Things To Consider While Buying A Smoke Machine


What Exactly Is A Smoke Machine?

In simple terms, this machine enables you to create fog or white smoke. The smoke that you see in dramas and movies is all created by these machines. Here’s how this machine works. First, it increases the temperature of a liquid which turns the liquid into vapor.

Then the machine pushes out this vapor through something called an aerosol canister. The vapor turns into white smoke or fog once it comes in contact with the air that is relatively colder outside.

Now that you know what a smoke machine is and how it functions, you might want to know what the different types of smoke machines are so that you buy the one you like or need.

Types Of Smoke Machines

Most of the time, you will come across heating or cooling types of smoke machines. The heating machines usually heat the mixture of glycol and water and turn it into vapour. The vapor is then pushed out of the machine and you can see fog which is a little hot.

Chilled smoke machines create thick white clouds of fog that stick to the ground and disappear slowly as they move upwards. You usually see them in Halloween parties or horror skits.

Dry Ice Smoke Machines


The principle behind this machine is that the dry ice inside cools down a container that holds a specific gas and pushes it out in the room. You will notice that as soon as the liquid evaporates, the entire room is left with dense white smoke.

The reaction that takes place inside the machine is between dry ice and warm liquid. The dry ice when comes in contact with the comparatively high-tempered water gives birth to thick fog.

Nitrogen-Based Fog Machine

This smoke machine mainly uses nitrogen, but another suitable substitute can also be glycol. The nitrogen solution is first heated inside the machine and then left to the air. Once the warm vapor comes in contact with the cool breeze, thick clouds of white smoke are formed.

Smoke from this machine lasts longer than that from the “dry ice smoke machine”.


Smoke machines have become very versatile in modern times and are mainly used in the film industry or for pest control services.