5 Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions by Yourself – 2024 DIY Guide

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Wearing a set of flawless lash extensions can make any woman feel great about herself! Women love to look feminine, well-put, as well as fabulous while wearing extensions. However, at times, we can get fed-up with the look, or we might not find enough time to book ourselves a lash appointment. In case if this does happen, no worries, you can still remove these lashes on your own! Keep on reading and find out all there is to know about lash extensions, as well as their removal process!

What are lash extensions?

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These extensions are artificial lashes that you can wear to most events and during any activities. These are applied individually on top of your natural lashes with a pair of needles and lash glue. Once placed down, these lashes can last for 2-3 weeks. They are great for women who need something durable + they can be customized per your preference.

Who can wear these extensions?

They are literally for everyone! You can wear them whether if you’re a teen or in your late 80s! The only thing that is important and relevant is that you shouldn’t be prone to irritation, and you shouldn’t have allergies since then you wouldn’t be able to get lash extensions.

Can I safely remove them on my own and at home?

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The safest way for you to remove your lashes is to do it carefully and with the right set of tools. Make sure that you are also super careful, use clean tools, and give yourself just enough time if this is your first time. Luckily for you, at https://qualitybeautystore.com/ you can find over 1000 different kinds of beauty supplies, and you can find your needed lash-removal kits! In no time and with the use of their items, you will easily achieve any look you desire!

Why remove lash extensions?

There are several reasons why you may want to DIY this process and get rid of your lash extensions. Some of them are:

  • You are fed up with the same look, and you want to try out something new
  • You didn’t like the end-results that your lash tech gave you
  • You want to look a bit more natural
  • You don’t feel like booking a refill and would like to DIY this on your own
  • You are scared of COVID-19, and you would rather do it yourself

Top 5 ways to remove lash extensions

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Well, whatever the reasoning may be, you can easily do the process on your own. Just make sure to read the following five tips and tricks, and obey the following rules!

1. Do not pull them, but do brush them through

According to the Paris Lash Academy, the most common mistake that women tend to make is to pull, twist, or tug onto their lash extensions. When in a rush, we all have a habit of picking them and sliding our fingers through in order to get them off. This is a bad habit since it can transfer loads of different bacteria to your lash line, and it can irritate your eyelids in general.

If you end up pulling them, you will experience unwanted shedding of your natural lashes. In order to avoid this, rather use a practical wand (like a spoolie) and run it through your lashes. It will get them going + it will weaken the glue.

2. Get a hot shower to weaken the glue

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When speaking of weakening the glue, you should know that you can weaken it when you’re in the shower! By throwing yourself a hot bubble bath, your lashes will slowly yet surely come off. If they end up falling on their own due to excessive heat, you’re in luck! Lash extensions should come off on their own without grasping onto your natural lashes and removing them from the root. You can also hit the steam room, a sauna, or similar locations such as the gym since they will provide you with enough heat and sweat, which will get your lash extensions out!

3. Use oil-based cleansers and oil-based face-care products

Every lash tech recommends that you skip on using these items. However, when it comes to its removal process, you should use oil-based cleansers and face washes that are quite powerful and oily in their consistency. Oil-based cleansers will get the extensions to fall out sooner + they will, yet again, weaken the glue. Oil-based cleanser can be used morning and night, but try to use makeup removers or wet wipes that are also packed with oils. Use the product over and over again till your lashes start to glue off.

4. Purchase a professional-grade lash glue dissolver

You can purchase an amazing high-quality lash glue dissolver at qualitybeautystore.com. The skin around your eyes is quite sensitive, which means that you should approach it the right way, and with the right set of tools. Try to loosen the extensions by taking a shower beforehand, and then jump onto the use of a lash glue dissolver. Also, use a cotton pad when working with this dissolver. Make sure that your eyes are closed during the entire process since you don’t want to get this chemical in your eyes.

5. Be careful and precise, and let your lashes heal & rest

This is a tip that can come in handy, especially if you plan to let your lashes recover! In fact, you should be careful, precise, as well as determined in their removal process, while keeping everything clean and sterile. Do not work with dirty tools, hands, or dusty items around your skin.

Aside from that, you can also invest in your future lash-care. This means that you should purchase high-quality mascara or lash oils which will boost the growth of your natural eyelashes. Your lashes may be a bit torn out, weak, as well as sparse. Try to use high-quality and natural oils, as well as boosters that will bring them back to their optimal state and length!