Top 5 Reasons To Remove A Tattoo


People are getting a tattoo when they are too young, or too excited about something, thinking they will like the same thing forever. Unfortunately, things don’t work like that, and we all have to think twice before we put something on our skin forever.

Maybe when you were 20 you thought that the dolphin will look cute on you, or the falling stars will make you look attractive, but you are not so sure now? Or that tribal design doesn’t mean anything, and it took days to be done? We all make mistakes, but some people decide to have them tattooed, and that’s why laser removal is now a life-saver.

Today, we have laser removal, which is great, knowing that the results are permanent, even though the procedure is not comfortable, and it may take up to a few appointments until the colors are removed.

But, what are the main reasons people decide to have their tattoos removed?

Here are some of them:

1. They have something that was meaningful in the past


That can be some important date, you don’t even remember why it was that important to put on you. Your ex’s name is one of the worst decisions you can make when inking, or even worse – their portrait. Sometimes we feel connected to something, or we love someone so much, we decide to do that for them, but this idea is always worth rethinking. Will you feel the same after a few years? Are you sure your friend will be your friend forever? How can you tell that relationship will last? No one has an answer to these questions, so that means, don’t tattoo them the answers you like all over yourself. It’s one of the main reasons why people decide to undergo a painful laser removing treatment later in their life.

2. You are all over it

Dragonflies, dolphins, and beating hearts are a good choice when you are a teenager. But, if you feel like you’ve outgrown it, you have a few choices, like make them a part of another tattoo, cover it with another, or also remove it completely. Keep in mind that the colors are the hardest to remove, especially yellow, and all the others that contain it. The more sessions you need to remove it, the more it will cost. You can visit Removery to estimate the potential cost of the intervention, and which factors can change the basic price. But once you are over the design you have – the choice is limited, and you need to make a decision on what to do.

3. You don’t want them visible anymore


Even though most of the recommendations are to avoid tattooing on visible parts of the body, people often decide to do exactly that. They don’t think about the time they will grow up and want a serious job. Many other people will judge the person because of the tattoos because society is not over it. The only choice you may have is removal since wearing specific types of clothes won’t always work. Can you imagine when it’s too hot outside, and you need to wear a long-sleeve shirt just because society or employers want that? Think twice before you get inked on visible parts of your body because, in a few years, removal will be the only choice you have. Don’t let the tattoos stop your career aspirations.

4. Your body is changing

It’s normal that our bodies are changing as time goes by, but so do our tattoos later in life. Even though it’s not that visible as we think, sometimes it can get us frustrated. When we lose weight or gain it, our body is changing too, and the skin condition too. Sometimes, some scars can damage the original design, and redoing is not an option. Body changes are also a common reason why people decide to remove their ink arts from their skin.

5. The tattoo is badly done


When we are younger, we are looking for cheaper studios we can afford, to get our first tattoo. But, they may use low-quality ink, or the artist is not skilled enough to take serious jobs. No matter what’s the reason you don’t like your tattoo, getting rid of it is now available, and pretty affordable too. So, if your design is outdated, faded, or somehow looks bad, you have a choice.

Bonus reasons

Family issues

Some parents simply don’t want tattoos all over their children’s bodies. They will pay a lot of money just to have it removed as soon as possible, because they are protective over their “product”, or they are just ashamed of the fact the kid made a decision alone, without consulting them.

They want to be a good example to their kids


We are sorry for a lot of things we did in the past, and some of us are sorry they did the tattoo. So, before they start and raise a family, they decide to remove the piercings and ink from their body, so they can be a good role model to their children.

The cover idea won’t work

Applying brighter colors over dark ones will not always work as planned. That’s why these people schedule an appointment for laser removal, so they can take place for the new design. Covering is one of the most popular solutions when you don’t want your old tattoo, but you still want ink.


There are plenty of reasons why people decide to have a new tattoo, but also many more to be sorry for that in a few months. Back in the past, it was very hard to remove the ink from the skin layers, but today we have a lot of options, that are more or less painful, depending on how old is the design and where it’s on the body.

So, once again, make sure you really want that tattoo, but also know that you can change your mind later – if you can handle the pain and the price too.