Hire a Professional Deck Contractor or DIY – 2024 Comparison Guide

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The spring is fast approaching, which means that it is time for you to start improving the comfort and appearance of your back yard. After all, this is probably the place where you plan on spending most of your time during the next few months. However, some preparations are required for you and your family to be as comfortable as possible.

The deck is, without a doubt, the focal point of the entire area. Not only can it improve the overall appearance of your property, but it can also greatly boost its value. If you are thinking about building it or simply remodeling it, you have two choices – you can either do it yourself or hire a professional. In the following text, we will provide you with the pros and cons of both of these options, and hopefully, help you make a decision.


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First things first, when you start considering this project and whether you should do it on your own or employ professionals, you should think about the time that has to be invested. No, this is not a project you can complete over a weekend or a few days. Don’t let those online videos and guides fool you into thinking that this can be done in no time. It takes a lot of preparation and planning, choosing the material, designing the deck, and only then can you start thinking about the actual process of building it.

If you consider yourself to be a jack of all trades and enjoy completing home improvement projects, sure, you can tackle this one as well. Yes, you will be the one who determines the duration of the process, and there won’t be anyone around to tell you that you need to work faster. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is a great option only if you are not restricted by time.

On the other hand, if you need the deck to be finished as soon as possible, you should definitely hire professionals. These people are experts in their job. They know exactly what needs to be done, they are familiar with every aspect of the process, and they are also able to predict potential problems and prevent them from happening. Plus, they will provide you with a timeline, so you will know when the project will be completed.


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Another thing you should consider, besides time, is the effort you have to put in if you want this to be a DIY project. Keep in mind that this is a complex task, so if you don’t have anyone to help you, it will prove to be quite tiresome. In addition, if you were to do it on your own, the whole project would require more time. Yes, you can ask your friends to help, but the truth is that they may just be in a way if they don’t possess the right skills and aren’t interested in woodworking.

On the contrary, if you hire professionals to complete this task for you, you won’t have to do absolutely anything but stand back and watch as your new deck comes to life. According to decksforlife, experts have a unique approach to every client, and since a few people will be included, they will do the job better and faster.

Quality and safety

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These are the two most important requirements that have to be at the top of your list. There is no point in investing time and building something unless you can do it perfectly. Despite the fact that there are many videos online describing this as an effortless job that can be performed by almost anyone, it’s not true. Let’s be realistic. If you know nothing about building a deck, and you don’t even care about learning how to do it, you shouldn’t tackle the project on your own.

Next, there is also the question of safety. Obviously, it is crucial during the building process since you will have to use different types of tools, but also, you have to be certain that the deck itself is safe to use. It means that you have to use material of the highest quality and also make sure that everything fits perfectly into its place. If you don’t do this, not only will you have to worry about the stability of the construction itself, but you also may be presented with numerous problems that can be quite costly to resolve.

As you can assume, this is something that you wouldn’t have to worry about if you were to hire experts. Don’t forget that these people build decks on a daily basis, so the chances of them making an error are quite slim. Naturally, when looking to employ someone, you have to go with a reputable team that has been in this line of work for some time, and therefore, that has a lot of experience.


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Finally, we have to discuss the overall cost of building a deck. If you want to save some money, it is fairly obvious which of these two options is cheaper, right? That’s right. Naturally, turning this into a DIY project would save you a lot of money. However, don’t fool yourself. Building a deck from scratch can be very costly, and there will be many expenses for you to pay.

Still, you will save some money this way since you won’t have to pay for workers’ fees and additional expenses a professional company may charge you. In some instances, their fee can double up the cost of the entire project.

Wrapping up

To sum up, in this article, we have discussed some major aspects of the process of building a deck. Also, we have listed some pros and cons of employing experts, and also those of doing this on your own. As you can see, in the end, it also comes down to your personal preference as well as the skills you possess. Sure, you can tackle this project on your own but keep in mind that you will have to invest an enormous amount of time and effort. On the other note, if you need the project to be completed as soon as possible, it is always a better idea to leave it to the experts.