Common Types of Premises Liability Claims: Slip and Fall, Dog Bites, and More


Ensuring safety within a premise, be it at home, at a hotel, an amusement park, or a shop, is the responsibility of the owner and the manager, respectively. After all, injuries sustained within a house or in a hotel can be pretty serious. Common injuries reported after accidental falls and fires are fractures, burns, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, etc.

However, depending upon the extent of damage, a person might suffer a traumatic brain injury, undergo several surgeries, or even die in case of accidents on the premises. If you or your loved one has been unfortunate enough to suffer an accident in a hotel or within somebody’s house, then they owe you compensation. And having the aid and advice of a Premises Liability Attorney in Greensboro may be of great help to you.

When Can You File A Premise Liability Lawsuit?


When You Have Slipped Or Tripped Accidentally Resulting In A Bad Fall

Falls that result from accidentally tripping on wire or slipping on a floor that is way too slippery are the most common causes for which people might need a premise liability attorney.

Slipping and tripping on a wire or on the staircase may seem to be trivial on the face of it, but some of these falls can cause long-term damage. For instance, if a fall from the strain causes injuries to the spinal cord, it can lead to spinal cord damage or head injury.

Treating head injuries or spinal cord injuries are complicated, and hence any person affected deserves compensation. However, if you want to get compensation in a hassle-free manner, then you must have enough evidence to prove that the fall happened for no fault of yours.

In most cases, the opposite party, that is, the owner of the premise or the manager will try to prove that the injury happened due to the victim’s own fault.

So in case the house or the hotel has a CCTV camera make sure to get the footage. Likewise, if there are witnesses who can testify on your behalf, then you must keep in touch with those witnesses and convince them to testify for you.

When You Have Faced An Accident Due To A Faulty Elevator Or Escalator


Shopping malls and hotels have escalators and elevators within their premises. Accidents due to a faulty elevator can be quite dangerous and may be lethal in many cases. The most common type of problem with elevators is that of mis-leveling.

The level at which the elevator opens should be at the level of the floor. However, in case there is any problem with the spring in an elevator with the brake linings, then there may be a problem of mis-leveling. The manager of the floor is supposed to correct such problems as soon as the problem comes to his notice. However, if any accident happens due to his negligence, the victim deserves to get compensation.

Most escalator accidents happen due to broken or missing steps. Apart from this, broken handrails may also cause accidental falls. If an escalator has a problem with its steps or its railing, that escalator should not be open for the public to use. And if any accidents happen due to a broken escalator, the liability falls on the manager and the owner of the mall or hotel to compensate the victim.

When You Have Been Bitten By A Dog Or Have Been Injured By Any Other Pet Animal

If you are visiting a person’s house and they have a dog, then it is their responsibility to adequately warn their guests. Likewise, it is also the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their pets do not cause any harm to other people. So if you have been bitten by a dog or injured by any other animal, you deserve to get compensated for your injuries.

When You Have Been Injured By An Object Falling On You


When a heavy object falls on a person, it is most likely to land on his head. A relatively light object that falls from a great height can also do great damage. This is because the falling object acquires momentum due to the height that it falls from. And this high momentum that an object acquires can cause a lot of harm.

So owners of houses, managers of shops, and hotels must ensure that no object is precariously placed at a height so that it can fall suddenly and cause grievous hurt. If you have been hurt by an object falling from a height, then you must be compensated, and a premises liability attorney can help you with the process.

When You Have Been Harmed Due To To Improper Security Measures Within A Premise

The owner of a premise or an employer whose house you visit for work-related purposes is responsible for ensuring your safety and security while you are at his premise. But if you are harmed while you are at your job and adequate security measures are not taken, you can get compensation.

For instance, if you work at a bank and there is a bank robbery underway at the bank, and you get hurt, you will be compensated if there are no security guards at the bank.

When You Have Been Injured At An Amusement Park


The rides at an amusement park may look pretty dangerous, but they are supposed to be safe. However, if you get injured at an amusement park, then the owners or the designers need to compensate for the injuries suffered by you.


Accidents at malls, amusement parks, and hotels are rare, but they do occur. And if you or your family member has been a victim, then you can claim compensation. If you are confused about the right way of collecting evidence, the correct way of filing papers, or contacting people to testify on your behalf, then you can always take help from a professional like an attorney.