6 Best Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring – 2024 Guide

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With spring, the time is dedicated to preparing your car. Here we give the best ways to prepare your car for spring.

Finally, spring knocks on the door with its long and sunny days. With a favorable climate, you will stay more and more away from home. And it could be the right occasion to refurbish your car after the hard operation of the winter period. Here are our practical tips to show you the ways to prepare your vehicle for spring.

Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring

1. Car Washing and Bodywork Maintenance

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We advise you to prepare your vehicle for the hot season with a complete cleaning in a car wash, where you can find all the tools you need to remove any traces left by the winter.

After the winter, besides traditional cleaning, it is advisable also to wash the underbody of the vehicle to eliminate encrusted dirt and salt residues.

His type of cleaning should be carried out, preferably by hand with a steam cleaner to avoid damage caused by the too high pressure of the mechanical washing appliances. You should clean the most delicate parts ideally with compressed air at the minimum power level.

If you have doubts, however, contact a professional. The most effective way to remove dirt in the most difficult accessible areas of the car is going to a professional car wash.

2. Choose the Right Tires

Contrary to Germany and Austria, there is no statutory obligation to use winter tires here. But most likely, you could not do without it even if the law does not impose it on you. Winter tires should be replaced with summer ones as soon as the roads are definitively clear of snow, and temperatures no longer drop below 7 degrees.

If you want to fit the previous year’s summer tires, check the tread thickness. If it is less than 3 mm, an additional set of tires. The minimum limit prescribed by law is 1.6 mm. Once you reach this thickness, you can no longer postpone the purchase of new tires.
And what about all-seasoned tires? We do not recommend it, but if you insist, you can finish wearing out your old winter tires in the summer if their tread has dropped below 4 mm. In this way, however, you will consume more fuel than a lower maximum speed, and you will register more considerable wear of the materials and lower stability because of the smaller blocks.

So make sure you find the right tires when needed. You can also visit review sites, such as Talkcarswell.com, to find reviews according to tire brands or popular tire retailers.

3. Technology Examination

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It is worthwhile to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the essential auto parts as part of the spring check. You should scrutinize the following elements:

  • Lighting: Moisture and roll split can damage the headlights of a car. The outer glass of the lights can also go blind. Therefore, check whether the lighting on your vehicle is still working correctly.
  • Brakes: Your safety and the rest of the traffic largely depends on the condition of brakes. With a spring check, you can quickly check this because of the tire change.
  • Windscreen wipers: The wiper blades are affected by the winter and may need to be replaced.

4. Protect the Engine Compartment and Underbody

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The underbody and the engine compartment of your car are particularly affected by the salt residues. It is worth washing them both thoroughly. Almost all car washes offer underbody washing with subsequent sealing.

It is advisable to have an engine wash carried out by a specialist in a workshop., this is the heart of your car, and improper cleaning can cause significant damage here.

If you do not want to rely on a service and do the laundry yourself, make sure not to use a steam jet – the pressure is too intense. If you use a pressure washer, set the weight to the minimum. Also, make sure that an engine wash at your site is allowed. In case you want to know more about the engine of your car and how to keep it up and running, make sure to check cararac.com

5. Car Paint Care

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By the spring, check your license to optimally protect areas to the interminable sunny days without problems. Caring for the paint is crucial at this point. UV protection prevents the sun from fading the color of your car too much.

Before you wax or polish your car, it must first be cleaned intensively. Otherwise, there is a risk of rubbing streaks into the vehicle paint because of dirt or salt particles.

6. Changing Wiper Blades

In winter, frost, cold, rain, and snow have made your car’s windshield wipers be damaged. With the return of spring, it comes the time to check and change the wiper blades. If they are in poor condition, this equipment may reduce your vision on the road and damage your windshield.

Since the wiper blades need to be changed at least once a year, why not take care of them now? Otherwise, watch for the slightest sign of weakness such as noises, jerky movements, scratches, and poor wiping of your vehicle’s windshield are all clues as to the state of wear of your wipers.

Checklist for download: So you forget nothing when checking your car for the spring!

  • Check to light (polish headlamps or replace them when damp)
  • Mount summer tires
  • Check brakes when changing tires and replace if necessary
  • Check the tread depth of the tires when changing
  • Replace wiper blades of the wipers
  • Airing
  • Carry out engine washing
  • Carry out underbody washing with subsequent sealing
  • Remove salt and dirt from the car
  • Apply UV protection for the paint
  • Remove unnecessary cargo (snow chains, ice scraper, etc.)

Final Words

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For the ways, as mentioned above, to prepare your car for spring, you can smoothly perform these operations yourself. But go to a professional who will quickly and efficiently carry out these routine operations.

Once these checkpoints have been completed, you are ready to face this prime season before a recent series of summer. Enjoy and leave any comments!