5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Better In LOL

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Summoner’s Rift has made us all feel stuck from time to time: no matter how hard you try, there seems to be no progress in your climbing journey. You may even feel like quitting: many players remain in Silver-Gold for years, even after playing every day and mastering different champions.

We’ve noticed some common mistakes these players make, which we believe is what keeps them stuck in their current rank. If you’re guilty of any of these, perhaps it’s time to bring some changes into your gameplay.

So, without any further ado, here are potential reasons why you’re not climbing nor becoming better at League Of Legends.

1. You’re always blaming your teammates

Source: dexerto.com

League of Legends is a team-oriented game: you cannot win by constantly being toxic to your own teammates. While getting trolls or AFKs in your promo games is quite frustrating, it’s not always why you’re losing. Statistically, your teammates are on the same level of skill as you, so you’re all bound to make similar mistakes during your games. If all you notice is your team’s mishaps, while failing to look at your own, you might have an arrogance problem. We’re not saying this lightly: instead of flaming your teammates who’re having a hard time in lane, look at what you could do to help them instead.

Watch your previous games and analyze what you could’ve done better: did you focus on getting every objective? Was there any gank potential you’ve missed? Did you choose your items correctly? How was your CS? Was their top laner left split-pushing for too long?

Rather than blaming the jungler for everything, analyzing your mistakes and gameplay is what will make you better at LoL. So turn off chat, stop flaming everyone, and start focusing on the game!

2. Your champion pool is overly large

While there’s nothing wrong in trying different champions, don’t bring it to the ranked queue. Your ranked games should be reserved for your best role and champion, as getting mechanically outplayed can get you behind in the early game (which affects your impact later on). Even pro players have their mains, and champions they excel at. Remember Faker taking over mid-lane with Syndra and LeBlanc? Exactly!

While micro play isn’t everything in LoL, it’s still a powerful device that can help you either win or lose your lane. You should know your main champions down to their core, including their cooldowns, builds, and counters. We’re not saying you should be a one-trick player, but keeping your champion pool small will help you learn the game more effectively. When you’re mechanically good with a certain champion, you’ll be able to focus on your macro play more, which could end up winning you the game.

3. You’re underestimating objectives

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There are so many League players who have been playing the game for years who still aren’t sure about the differences between the four elemental drakes! Each gives you a different buff and knowing how missing it or taking it will affect the game is of the utmost importance. The cloud drake could be a game-changer for ultimate-reliant champions such as Lux, due to its cooldown reduction buffs!

Some things cannot be taught by playing, you’ll actually have to go and read about it. We suggest you visit popular LoL wiki pages and the Summoner’s School subreddit for some additional tips.

Similarly, you can get professional LoL coaching at websites like https://eloboost24.eu/coaching, which is certainly a good investment to make if you lack in-game knowledge.

Again, learning about the game and everything it entails is of the utmost importance for your climbing journey. Don’t underestimate the power of drakes and other in-game buffs, and learn how they affect different champions.

4. You’re only focused on KDA

No, just because you’re 0/3/2 in the early game does not mean the game is completely lost. It does give the opponent some early game advantage, but if you farm properly, focus on objectives and win some team fights you can still turn things around. Also, your kill count means nothing if you’re not farming, as your opponent can still get the same amount of gold if they’re much better at farming than you. Similarly, if you’re ahead, remember to try to help your other carries get kills. Don’t play selfishly, you can’t win the game on your own!

In some cases, not dying is much more effective than dying for a kill. Prioritize shutdowns for extra gold and don’t forget about pushing! Sometimes all it takes to win a game is some effective split pushing, especially if you’re playing champions like Trynda or Malzahar.

Lastly, don’t forget to capitalize on every possible mistake your opponents make, as they’ll certainly do it during the game. If you’re losing the lane, try farming under your turret until help arrives or your enemy makes a mistake you can use to your advantage.

5. You’re not adapting to the current meta nor practicing enough

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Professional League players practice the game every day for hours on end. No matter how good you think you are, jumping into the practice tool can help you improve. Try out different combos, learn your cooldowns and test different builds.

Other than that, you’ll need to constantly adapt to new meta and changes to the game. Every patch brings something new to the game, so it’s worth your attention. Do not forget to analyze every new patch and make adjustments according to those changes.

While Meta and counterplay isn’t everything, it’s still quite impactful, especially when you start reaching higher elo. So, stop ignoring it and get instantly better at League of Legends!

The bottom line

In this article, we’ve analyzed some of the possible reasons why you’re not getting any better at League of Legends. Above all, we believe you should try to have some fun while playing. There’s no reason for any toxicity or negativity, so keep learning and practicing until you’ve gotten better at the game.

Overall, we hope our article helped you recognize and identify the in-game behavior that keeps you stuck in the same rank and we wish you the best of luck in all your future games!