6 Things All Beginners Sports Bettors Should Know About Fixed Odds Betting

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Sports betting is one of the favorite activities for all those people who don’t want progressive casino games, and they want to have control over the money they spend. Also, they don’t have to know a lot of games, and practically, the people who love watching sports are those who try to win something on their hobby. Even beginners can easily adapt to the concept and learn what the odds and quotes mean, and how they need to assemble their ticket, so they can increase their chances to win.

Also, we must mention that fixed odds aren’t tied to fixed matches, because matches like that are illegal and almost completely banned from the sports world. People today are betting on many things. Sport is just a part of that whole world. For example, we can bet who will win a talent contest, Eurovision, who will win a casino game like roulette at brazino777.com, whether a popular couple will get married or what name the new child will get in the royal family. But what is known as fixed-odds can most often be found in sports betting.

What exactly is fixed odds betting?

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These are odds that are immutable, or fixed, to be exact, and do not change the value before the match starts. They are estimated by the bookie professionals. In some sports, the odds change depending on the bettors’ interest in the particular match or player, before the game starts. In fixed betting, the odds change only after the match has started, so the bettor does not lose money because they bet on a particular quote, even at least half an hour before the start.

To make it easier for beginners to understand these terms, which we must admit can be quite complicated, we will do our best to explain all the tricky aspects and help you learn more about sports betting in one of these ways:

1. Fixed odds in football

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Football is the most popular sport on the planet (and yes, we are talking about soccer, because that’s what football is in Europe) and people bet the most on their favorite teams, the total number of goals, the final result, and so on. Of course, there are other combinations, such as predicting whether the number of goals is even or odd, who will win in one half and who in the other half, and what is common for fixed betting is that the odds do not change until the match starts. Once the match starts, the bettor can bet live and then change, depending on what happens during the match. Then live odds are valid, which are different from the fixed ones, and the fixed ones are no longer valid after the match starts.

2. In other sports

The same rules apply in other sports, such as basketball or handball. But in horse racing, it can be different, because even before the race there are favorites and the more people push someone, the more it becomes interesting or too boring – so the result is variable odds. It is up to the bettor to monitor the situation and choose whether to bet on the fixed odds or the dynamic one. However, in most popular sports, fixed odds are the best way to enter the world of betting.

3. Do not fall for unknown experts

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You will always find someone who plays an expert and offers you money forecasts around the bookmakers or somewhere online. It is up to you not to fall for these things, even if what they say makes sense. Beginners often make that mistake, and there are even experienced bettors who have fallen for the trick. In a way, you are responsible for your own actions, and betting is something you have to decide for yourself, following the fixed odds, but also the history of team matches, facts, knowledge, and even certain speculations, to make a good ticket which will bring you profit.

4. Don’t do things you do not understand

The secret of successful betting, like all similar games of chance, is to be moderate in what you expect as a result. When betting, use the fixes you understand. Sometimes forecasts can be made up of different odds, or more complicated than what you are currently able to understand. We know that you are ambitious and want to master the basics as soon as possible, but take the time to learn before you make a mistake.

5. Do not try to recoup losses

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Sometimes during the first minutes of the match, it is clear how it will end and it is not always in line with the fixed odds from before the start. Many people make the mistake of trying to chase after their own loss instead of learning a lesson next time. Of course, many things change during the game, so the first goal of the opposing team should not discourage you. Be moderate in your reactions, so as not to put yourself in a position to lose more money than you invested in the beginning.

6. Always be sure what you want to do

This means that before you pay, you have to check your ticket several times, so if you need to search again for fixed odds in the daily offer. It may seem like a lot of effort, but at the end of the day, you will protect yourself from the mistakes of the betting agent or your personal mistakes, which are often made due to some oversight.


Betting is a game of chance and should be done with a cool head. There is no art in it, nor do you show anyone that you know anything. Plan smart and find the way that suits you best, instead of listening to your friends’ advice. Only then will you best discover and understand the tricks, whether they are fixed or live betting.

You already know the difference between fixed and live to bet, so you can use it as an advantage over other bettors and get the most out of your current match.