Ten Things Every Active Outdoor Dog Needs

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Almost every dog enjoys playing outside, and many dogs live in a country where they are free to enjoy the outdoors for hours a day. If your dog spends a lot of their time in the open air, there are a number of things that they will need to keep them both safe and happy.

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Invisible Fence

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Fencing in a yard can be a costly project, even for the smallest of back or front yards. Instead of chaining up your dog or having to keep them on a leash, consider putting in an invisible fence. A quality invisible fence is great for most dog breeds while costing much less than a regular fence would. Your dog will have the freedom they need and deserves without the worry that they will runoff.

Dog Ramp

Does your dog love riding with you in your vehicle but has some trouble getting in and out? Some dogs may be too small to jump up into a high truck while others are simply too old to make it on their own. Help them out with a heavy-duty dog ramp that allows them to easily go in and out of your vehicle. Unless you want to pick up your 90-pound dog over and over, a dog ramp will be a lifesaver for pups that love car rides. To know which dog ramps are recommended by animal health experts, check out the list of The Pampered Pup.

Dog House

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If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, then they will definitely need a quality dog house to retire to when they need to relax. A good dog house will provide your dog protection from extreme temperatures. Remember, a plastic dog house can quickly heat up in the summer, so stick to one made of wood. The roof should be waterproof, and the floor should be made from concrete to avoid the humidity that can come up from the ground. Your dog house should also be the right size for your pet. It’s also a good idea to put a curtain up in the entrance of the house to keep snow and rain from blowing in.

Cozy Dog Bed

As stated above, a quality dog house should be made with a concrete floor. However, you don’t want your pup to have to sleep on something so hard! A soft, quality dog bed that is the right size for your dog will be a must if your dog stays in his dog house frequently. If they are older dogs, look for orthopedic dog beds that can ease sore muscles and achy joints. You may even want to throw in some warm blankets for your dog to cuddle up with. Just make sure the blankets and the bed are frequently washed and sanitized.

Interactive Dog Toys

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To make the most of your backyard, get an automatic ball thrower for your energetic dog. This is an energy-saver for dog parents who can’t keep up with their hyperactive furbaby! You can play over and over without getting your arm worn out while your dog can play to his heart’s content. It is also a form of exercise if you can’t bring your pup for a walk.

Dog Brush

Dogs love to roll in the grass, play in the tall weeds, and run through bushes. Outdoor dogs often pick up burrs, foxtails, and other messy things that stick to their fur. A good dog brush will come in very handy when your dog comes in from a hard day of playing. Brushing and grooming your dog will also give you an extra chance to check for fleas and ticks that may have hitched a ride. As a bonus, your dog will enjoy the extra daily attention!

Collar and Tag

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If your pup stays outdoors for hours at a time, make sure they always have a collar and tag on. You don’t want them getting lost without identification. Even if your dog is microchipped, it is still safe to keep your contact information on them so that they can be returned quickly if they become lost. If you are worried about a tag getting caught on something, look for personalized collars instead. Have your dog’s name and your telephone number printed on the collar for them to wear when they are out. This way, they will stay safe and protected without the worry of their tag getting caught on a fence or bush.

GPS Tracker and Dog Monitor

Use technological advances today to keep your dog secure even if you are not with them. There are a lot of options in the market like a GPS Pet Tracking Device or a Dog GPS with Monitoring Camera. Some cameras need to be mounted on their back like a go-pro. Or you can look for GPS tracking collars with a camera that can be connected to your phone so you can see where he is and what he is currently doing. Another excellent feature to look out for is the ability for two-way audio communication. This is great for dogs who are trained with commands, you can communicate with them from a very remote area.

Don’t Forget Water!

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Your dog is always active so they need access to water at all times to keep him hydrated especially during the hot days. Look out also for any signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. If you are camping or always outside with your dog, you can get a collapsible dog bowl. It is lightweight and you can easily slip it into your bag.

Tick Treatment

It only takes a few seconds for ticks to jump onto your dog. Since ticks can spread disease, it is important to provide preventative measures to make sure ticks leave your pup alone. Apply a tick treatment to your dog often to scare ticks away. You can find tick medication in many forms, from shampoos to pills to collars. Always check your dog for ticks after they have been outside, as well.

Many dogs spend a lot of time happily roaming around outdoors. With these items, your dog will be healthy and happy for many years to come as they frolic and play!