5 Tips to Grow Your TikTok Following for Your New Business

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1. Get Creative

TikTok has been well-documented for its creative toolset. Sounds, visual effects, transitions, cuts – there’s really no upper limit on what you’re able to do with the app, so don’t limit yourself!

Do tours of your space!

Show off key features in quirky ways! Spend a little time perusing the app and looking at what other businesses are doing, and put a spin on that! There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little uncertain initially, but don’t let it hold you back. Make a few test videos and play with the editing options until you find something you like.

2. Cross Promote

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The idea behind your TikTok presence should be to drive engagement to your Instagram or website; so too should your Instagram profile or website drive folks to your TikTok page. Think of your social media presence as a sort of portfolio.

Your goal as a business owner should be to connect with a customer base, and using the portfolio structure can help with that. This means keeping a useful presence on your website too.

A restaurant, for instance, should have a well-designed menu easily accessible through a Linktree or Beacons page in a TikTok bio. The more you make yourself visible and present on the internet, the better sense potential customers get from your business and its people.

3. Embrace The Chaos

TikTok trends change constantly, and you’re not going to catch everyone, so don’t try. If you notice a trend that would lend itself particularly well to highlighting your business, capitalize on it.

Luck and consistency are a big part of gaining traction on TikTok, so don’t hesitate to put some content out just based on having an idea. If you have the time to plan a video concept, then, by all means, do so, but part of the charm of TikTok is its spontaneity.

Not every video has to be a hit! Sometimes they just need to remind people what you do and why they want it.

4. Give The People What They Want

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If you notice a particular video gaining traction on your TikTok page, consider turning it into a series or making more videos in that vein! Remember, the point of your TikTok page is to drive traffic to your digital presence on other social media platforms.

A restaurant could do well making interesting videos about a signature dish, and this might lead people to Instagram, where they’ve got targeted posts about specials or promotions.

Hone in on what people enjoy about your presence on the platform and harness it, thus driving engagement towards your larger digital presence.

5. Have Fun With It

At the bottom of it, you’re making TikTok videos. If you take it too seriously, you will burn out quickly and get discouraged. Scroll through TikTok for just a minute. Do the videos that catch your eye have a serious tone?

The smart money says they probably don’t, and ultimately, that’s the right tone for the app as a whole. Making promotion enjoyable is the only way to use a platform like this one, so don’t take it too seriously. Go forth, hit record, and embrace the weird.

Megan Prevost is a content manager for MustHaveMenus. When she’s not writing about restaurant marketing, she’s hanging out with her four cats and binging the latest television shows. Her work has appeared in All Business, App Institute, Bar and Restaurant, Bar Business, Beer Connoisseur, BevSpot, BiziTracker, Business Opportunites, CLH News, CFE News, FanSided, Fearless Flyer, FSR, Ganjaprenuer, International Bowling Industry, Miss Details, Modern Restaurant Management, Mosaic Solutions, PMQ, QSR, RestoBiz, RestoHub, Site Social SEO, Small Business Currents, The Crafty Woman, The Daily Fandom, Total Food Service, Wisk, and Young UpStarts.