6 Reasons Never To Bluff Too Much When Playing Online Poker

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Wondering how often should you bluff when it comes to your new game & round of poker? Although it is not a universal solution, there are some rules that you, as a player, can apply. Each player is unique and an individual for themselves, which means that you should evaluate each situation & step before betting. Customize your gameplay, and think about these rules that are listed down below!

When is the right time & moment to bluff in poker?

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Try to do this move only when you think you can get your opponent to fold. How good a player are you, and do you know how to approach each new round and use your online poker skills? If not, you are going to learn today! Here are some common yet basic rules to follow:

  • No need to bluff as often – playing good poker is more important than trying to trick other players
  • Bluff only when you can get the other player to fold
  • If there is no profit to be found & won, do not bluff
  • Tailor your bluff to the game itself since each round is different.

6 Reasons Never to Bluff too much When playing online poker

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1. Aggressive players bluff more often

If a player is aggressive and he might look like he has good cards, know that this is not the case. Sure, they might look mean, angry, and threatening, but their cards are bad & not impressive. Aggressive players usually have a weak hand, while those that are quiet and mysterious are dominant. If he or she plays too many hands, this just means that they can’t have a good or strong hand as often. Bluffing too much can make you a lot easier to read & understand, so heads up before you continue to play with your loud aggressive approach.

2. Frequency is also a sign of bluffing

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The frequency of betting can be enough to tell if a poker player is bluffing, and this can bring out a reaction from other players. This is because some players will work with a big percentage for their river bet. Some players might bet any flop, and then give up. If you play multiple tables, then this is hard to notice. Try to stay cool & calm without bluffing your way into the game. Do not let everyone know what you’re working with from the gecko.

3. You are losing your focus when bluffing

Yes. Poker is not result-based, it all comes down to your decision, tactic & years of playing. If you have aces pre-flop and are up against an opponent who you think holds a big hand and who is more than willing to stack off to you, you’re making a mistake by doing anything but raising. Oftentimes people lose their focus when trying to bluff their way into winning a game. All of a sudden, you are more so focused on being unnoticed, and you’re not paying close attention to your cards. Instead of trying to bluff & appear intimidating, try to reconsider your tactic, you will benefit a lot more from it.

4. Large bets might make you look like a bluffer

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Another common sign of somebody who is bluffing is that they are, all of a sudden, using a very large bet sizing. Although there’s nothing wrong with trying to win a lot more money, this bluffing factor can cost you, a lot. People bet big when they don’t want to be called. But what if another player can match your bet and caught you right in your lie? This bold move will end up costing you a lot of money. Large bets and bluffing are something that you should avoid, especially if you wish to be in the game for a while.

5. Playing quick but not swift is a no-no

If you play a lot of online pokers you probably know how to tell when someone is bluffing, right? Well, most people who play quickly and without re-thinking their strategy are bluffing! In this case, you don’t want to bluff and come off looking like a reckless player. Making quick bets is a sign of weakness, as well as a sign of lost focus during the game. You have no idea what is going on, but you wish to play promptly and as if you do. Do not let other players see your bad hands by trying to intimidate them with fast-paced gameplay, it is very obvious & easily seen-through.

6. You are losing your tactic

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Sure, sometimes bluffing is the only choice & solution that one might have, but why not actually focus on your tactic? Sometimes it is better to soak in the game and back out early on, just so that you get to see how other players are approaching the game with their go-to moves, cards & tactics. If they are actual pros you might learn a lot more from them. You should never focus on your bluffing as your go-to move (leave this as your last resort), but more so focus on understanding the concept and focus on trying to win big each time with a new move.

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