Selma Blair and Ron Carlson Can’t Keep Their Hands off Each Other

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Actress Selma Blair (47) and her partner, writer Ron Carlson (73), were spotted walking and hugging on the streets of Los Angeles.

Hollywood paparazzi photographed the famous couple kissing over protective face masks, before embarking on a romantic walk around the elite part of the city.

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Selma and her longtime boyfriend Ron went for coffee on Sunday afternoon, when they were also caught. The couple in love was waiting in line for coffee, and they hugged, laughed, and kissed all the time.

Blair looked healthy and cheerful. Her hair has grown, considering that it fell off last year while she was struggling with very severe disease, multiple sclerosis, and had a series of chemotherapy treatments.

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The star of the movie “Cruel Intentions” was in a casual edition and wore a black tracksuit, a gray T-shirt and slippers in the same color, as well as a black mask on his face. She wore pilot glasses on her eyes and had discreet jewelry on her hands.

Her partner Carlson wore blue jeans and a white “Henley” T-shirt, with an orange baseball cap and black sunglasses. He had a white face mask and kissed his partner Selma all the time. Ron seemed very protective of Selma and held her arm or neck all the time and hugged her around shoulders as if trying to help her move.

Recall, Selma is walking again thanks to the orthopedic aid she recently received, after she learned that she has multiple sclerosis.

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In a recent post on Instagram, Blair wrote that she received a walking prosthesis that helps her a lot. After the diagnosis, she lost the power of speech, which is slowly returning, and for a while, she was immobile.

“Thank you, prosthetic and orthotic group, for finding me such a game-changer of walking support. I am impressed”, the actress wrote, with a short video of her walk. She showed how far she had progressed. For a while, Selma used a cane, but now she got a better and more permanent solution.

Blair once said that she had symptoms for years, but she did not take them seriously until she fell in front of a friend who made her go for an examination.

“I can walk much better. I am swollen, and joints are in pain. My eyes still don’t focus. Chemo and other high dose drugs come at a price. I need to start physical therapy and get moving more. It will feel better. The beginning is hard. Remember. Sending love to you all”, Blair wrote on Instagram a few months ago.