Inside Tom Brady’s relationship with Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady y Rob Gronkowski

Amid fan speculation, former New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady confirmed that they will meet on the soccer field for the 2024 NFL season. Gronkowski shared the news in a candid Instagram post shared on April 23, 2024, revealing that he will play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the same team that Brady signed with in March 2024.

Gronk “retired” from the NFL in March 2019, but there were continuing rumors that he would one day return to the field. During an April 2024 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Gronk shared, The day I retired, within 24 hours, there were already rumors that I was going to come out of retirement.” When Andy Cohen asked about the rumors that he would come out of retirement specifically to play Brady again, he was quite shy, saying the host, “I feel good now, I’m happy where I am, and you never know, man.” Well, just a couple of days later, he knew it.

No one was more excited about Gronk’s professional move than Brady, as were Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, obviously. He welcomed his friend to the team with a fun Instagram video, in which he stated, “Time to run it, Gronky! »

Even Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, gave the meeting her stamp of approval and commented on the post, “I love this.”

Now that this exciting news is published, let’s take a closer look at Tom Brady’s relationship with Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski confided to Tom Brady about his return to the NFL

Interestingly, Rob Gronkowski revealed to ESPN that this meeting has been in progress for months. It all started during a training session in March 2024, and Gronk confided to Tom Brady, “‘Hey, I’ve got a little fire under me again.'” Obviously, that “guy” eventually became insurance .

In the same interview, Gronk also spoke about his relationship with the California native. He explained: “You have seen it many times with many other players: they can change teams and they may not have the same chemistry that they would have with one of their other quarterbacks. So we have great chemistry out there. ” And every time we get together, it’s like the old days. ”

Worship is mutual. In November 2019, the quarterback spoke about Gronk on WEEI ‘s Greg Hill Show, declaring , “I am a very good friend of Gronk. We have had an excellent relationship for 10 years. ” Joking about his friend’s possible return to the NFL, he explained, “Just because things are reported doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always true, just for the record… I don’t know. Those are conversations I don’t know about. »

And, just a few months later, everything changed. Apparently, Brady found out about those conversations and Gronkowski announced his return to soccer.