7 Ways How to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

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Intimacy is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. It builds trust and a strong connection between two people. It can allow you to feel fully comfortable with another person and share your innermost thoughts, dreams, and desires.

Sometimes, couples will find that they are less intimate than they used to be despite having a strong relationship in other ways. When this happens, it is a good idea to take action to improve the intimacy in the relationship.

There are plenty of things that you can do to improve the intimacy level between you and your partner. However, sometimes there are other issues at hand. If that is the case, then you may want to check out the advice from mental health professionals at BetterHelp. They can offer expert guidance about intimacy, romantic connections, trust, and more that could help you improve your relationships.

Even with expert advice, it may still help to know different ways that you can take your relationship’s intimacy to the next level. This is good for intimate couples as well as partners who are lacking intimacy because it is a necessary part of a healthy relationship.

Types of Intimacy

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Before looking at ways to improve intimacy, it is a good idea to know about different types of intimacy as well. A lot of people think primarily about physical romantic intimacy, but there are other types of intimacy in romantic relationships as well.

Physical intimacy involves all forms of physical touch from hugs and holding hands to cuddling and sex. These little things show affection and help to foster closeness. It can also help us feel safe with our partner.

Emotional intimacy is just as important because it relates to the sharing of feelings. It requires listening and sharing as well as honesty. This is necessary for a healthy lasting relationship.

Another type is intellectual intimacy which involves intellectual conversations with your partner. While it can be good to have identical interests, intellectual intimacy does not require that you do. For intellectual intimacy, you just need to put effort into having deep conversations that keep the relationship and interaction fresh.

There is also experiential intimacy that involves shared experiences and activities. It is a good idea to share both old and new experiences. Old experiences can be familiar and nostalgic while new experiences can bring excitement into a relationship.

The last type of intimacy is spiritual intimacy that is associated with religious or spiritual beliefs and ideals. It does not have to involve religion but can mean things like core values and belief systems. It may also involve life goals and dreams.

Improving Intimacy

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There are a lot of ways to improve intimacy in a relationship and the ones that work for you and your partner will not necessarily be the ones that work for another couple. Identifying the types of intimacy that are the weakest in your relationship can determine the things you do to improve them.

1. New Experiences

Couples both young and old can find that they have become stuck in a mundane routine. This can make a relationship feel stale and can impact the intimacy level. Trying something new can keep a relationship interesting and help you get out of your comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as it is aggregable by both people in the relationship. You can try to learn something new or try an activity that you have been interested in but never got around to trying. Trying new things regularly can keep the relationship exciting and passionate.

2. Touch More

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New relationships are often full of hand holding, hugs, cuddling, and other forms of touch. As a relationship grows, some couples stop doing those things as often. However, it may be a good idea to start doing them again.

Touch is important for a healthy relationship, and it can grow the bond between two people. Even if it is just rubbing your partner’s back or giving them a hug in the morning, that amount of touch can go a long way. It may also lead to a better time in the bedroom.

3. Stay Connected

While it can be easy to get into your own thing at work every day, you can try to stay connected with your partner. Call them during lunch or send them a text when you think about them. You can even leave notes around the house that they can find when you aren’t home.

When you are with your partner, take the time to build a bond and connection as well. Look into their eyes and spend time together discussing your day. Try to create conversations that are unique instead of talking about work and kids every day.

4. Show Gratitude

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A little gratitude goes a long way. Showing appreciation can make your partner feel like you care for them and that their care is being recognized. Giving your partner specific praise can make them feel like the things they do matter to you and the entire household.

Try to compliment your partner regularly and naturally. Tell them the things that you love about them and let them know how much they mean to you. This can strengthen the connection and make both partners feel more secure and wanted.

5. Go Out

Going on a date away from home can be important as well. Couples sometimes find that they stick around the house with their partner more than they did before and this correlates with lower levels of intimacy. Getting away can help you focus on each other and enjoy the present because you will not be focused on bedtimes, chores, kids, and other responsibilities.

6. Have Separate Lives

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While your relationship is likely a priority, it can be good for a couple to have individual lives outside of the relationship. While it can sometimes be good to forego your needs and desires for the benefit of your partner, doing so all the time is not good for a healthy relationship.

Having a fulfilling life outside of the relationship can lead to better conversations, shared experiences, and intimate nights with your partner. It can also make you feel closer to them through the periodic separation.

7. Support Your Partner

Supporting your partner can be a great way to build intimacy as well. If they need your help, let them know you will do what you can. Let them know that you will be there for them. When you are having a conversation about something your partner cares about, make sure to support them by actively listening. Put down your phone and give them your undivided attention.

Let them know that you like what they are doing and that they are doing a great job. When they accomplish something, they care about, tell them how proud you are. This can grow the emotional bond and can even strengthen the other types of intimacy as well.


A healthy relationship requires intimacy for a connection. It can involve shared experiences, ideals, conversations, emotions, and more and all aspects and types are important for the success of a relationship. A lot of couples find that their intimacy levels decrease occasionally. Trying new things, showing support and gratitude, incorporating touch, and making sure to have deep conversations can help you keep the intimacy alive in your partnership.