Indoor Growing and Full Spectrum led Grow Lights

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Indoor growing has many advantages of its own. The biggest advantages of them are your garden pests cannot harm your indoor plants and the other one is you can totally have a control over the weather inside your house. But what if you do not have a place where you keep the plant in sunlight inside your home or say a window. The windows facing towards the sunlight can only provide in a light for the seedlings you have in your indoor Garden. But if you are growing vegetables or any other sun loving plants then you need a proper light functioning for them to flourish.

the indoor lighting or full spectrum led grow lights are now found in most of the houses to support the process of photosynthesis in them. The traditional incandescent bulbs do not provide the proper spectrum of light which is used by the plant. The intensity of their light is also not proper for the plant. Therefore, you can click here and check that how led bulbs can make effective grow lights

The relative warmth and coolness factor depending on the colour spectrum should also be considered. The cooler light must be given to the plant avoiding the warmer light so that the plant could produce Flowers and the fruit from them. The goal of every person who loves plants and farming is to produce seedlings, leafy green vegetables or root crops from the plants. You only need higher spectrum bulbs for these kind of reproduction in plants. You will also sometimes need low spectrum bulbs Because of the flowering plants. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to have police spectrum grow lights so that you can change your spectrum from high to low according to your choice.

Installation of full spectrum grow light

The installation of these kind of grow light drastically depends and vary on the scope of your indoor garden. It is dependent on the size and nature of the plants you want to cultivate. Firstly, you have to figure out the number of bulbs needed by you. Every plant needs different types of bulb package with different wattage.

You will also need a way to support the bulbs installed by you at the proper height of the plants. Unless you are growing something that will remain to the same height throughout the life span you should place racks that can be raised according to the plant’s growth. You may use the pulley system or by hanging light with metal chain.

You should also place a timer into the plug of your full spectrum led grow lights so that it may ensure the proper amount of light given to the plants each day and at the same time. Notice if your lights Bing the temperature above 80 degree you have to install a ventilation system too for the prevention of heat stress.

Plants grown indoor requires more hours of light then the plants grown outside. Therefore, there is a need of 14 to 18 hours of light per day under the artificial lighting. Lighting provided 24/7 is not correct for the plants to grow. Plants also need at least 6 hours of darkness for its essential health.

Full spectrum led grow lights are now being used for horticulture by, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food propagation. With the new technology and new research in the field of this technique hydroponics and aquatic plants are also being used which are grown through grow lights. Most of the industries are now using grow lights for their plant propagation and food production. They are now also being utilised in households.

Many techniques are employed in these grow lights to use the light by California Lightworks as efficiently as possible to reach the plants at their maximum level. The reflectors are placed in these lights which are used to maximise the light efficiency. Sometimes, plants and lights are move close to each other so as to receive the equal lightning. The light coming from the grow lights must fall on the plant and its leaves rather than the surrounding area of it.

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A wide range of bulbs are being used such as incandescence, fluorescent lights, high intensity discharge lamp, and light emitting diodes. The most widely used lights for industrial and household purposes are full spectrum led grow light. For the vegetative phase of the plant growth, the light regularly provided to be it must be of blue colour and ultraviolet radiation. These lights are specially known for providing blue and red lights that are mostly needed by the plants.

Led grow light is a new introduction to the LED technology in recent years. These are special designed for indoor grow light technology by California Lightworks, which uses diodes end light of specific wavelength. Full spectrum lights can provide light of every colour which is needed by the plant whereas the other kind of led grow lights present in the market provide special kind of red, blue, white lights. Countless tests have shown that full spectrum light is better than others in providing the better composition of plant growth. Light quality is also considered for the plant growth.

Full spectrum light is the light that covers electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum consists of infrared to near ultraviolet rays. These kinds of ultraviolet Rays are considered to come from sunlight directly. But with the new invention of full spectrum LED light, these lights of every wavelength could be now present in the atmospheric conditions. The full spectrum light regards the vegetative response of the plant and make it to the greater extent.

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The plant growth is obviously affected by the quality of light provided to them. The flowering plants always need plenty of red lights. Whereas, If the light is not provided in sufficient manner, it becomes difficult to reach the ideal flower condition. This light could be provided in sufficient manner by using full spectrum led grow light. By using these lights, we cannot only short the plant growth. But can also increase the plant productivity and its quality.