How to Improve Your Luck When You Bet on Sports

Luck always plays an important role when betting on sports. Make no mistake about it, very few people win 77/1 odds accumulators on a daily bases.

Those that do manage to pull one-off, well you can certainly call it luck. But with all that said, skills are certainly an important factor as well. Analytics, monitoring, and statistics play a more important role in putting together a winning acca.

But we’re here not to talk about statistics or skill; we’re here to talk about luck and how to improve it.

So, if you’re interested in how to improve your luck for the next accumulator selection, listen up.

1. Luck Is a Volatile Concept in Sports Betting

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Volatility is oftentimes seen as a negative thing. And in sports betting, it certainly is. You might have heard this word in another industry that also focuses on profits, gains, and eventually, losses.

Volatility is, of course, an important concept in the stock trading industry. The more something is volatile, the higher the chances of losing your money.

Risk and volatility go hand in hand. But certain sports matches are more volatile than others. The more niche the bet, the higher the chances of losing your bet. Let’s give you an example of risky sports bets.

  • Betting on the winner of the Premier League
  • Betting on the Premier League MVP
  • Betting on who has the most goals and assists in a season
  • Predicting the Champions League Winner
  • Predicting the Super Bowl winner
  • Predicting the underdog

These, among others, are highly volatile bets as it takes a lot of time before the bet is settled. Most of these span throughout the season, so there are millions of factors involved.

To win one of these, you might need extreme luck as the chance to lose is much bigger than the chance to win. However, these bets return much higher rewards than betting on something safe.

Why Bets Are Volatile?

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As we mentioned earlier, bets are volatile because there is plenty of uncertainty. You might place a bet on Manchester City winning the 2023/2023 Champions League. The odds show us that City is one of the favorites for the tournament, and the return in somewhere in the region of 2/1, 3/1.

But that doesn’t mean the bet will land. For example, we know for a fact that Manchester City have never been in a Champions League final and they constantly fall at the last hurdle. Their last three exits from the competition have all been in the quarter-finals.

This is a pure example of why bets are volatile. There’s plenty of uncertainty, and there is plenty of risks involved. More often, you will lose the bet rather than win it. But, this is where luck comes into play.

2. Luck Backs Winning Streaks

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Every situation and every bet is different from the rest. Predicting Manchester City to win the Champions League might be so unrealistic that luck won’t help you at all.

But predicting Arsenal to win the FA Cup is something that luck can assist you.

But even more so than that, luck has been consistently backing the sides of the good teams. Look at Liverpool last season, for example. The first time Liverpool lost a point was away at Manchester United in Gameweek 9! This was unprecedented in the Premier League! The next time they had lost a point was in Gameweek 28!

So, in 28 games, Liverpool had only lost 5 points! And this streak of wins wasn’t without luck!

So, to improve your luck you have to find the lucky teams. Firstly, we suggest you create an account with one of the many sports betting sites, such as, and get started on Premier League betting.

But Liverpool isn’t the only lucky team out there. Let’s take a trip to the Spanish La Liga where Real Madrid dominated the league.

Real Madrid’s season wasn’t perfect by all means. However, before the COVID break, they played second fiddle to Barcelona. When the season restarted, Real Madrid went on 11 games without a single loss!

This was a lucky team! The completely took the league by storm and snatched the title off the hands of Barcelona. Real Madrid was another lucky team!

In essence, luck follows certain teams and you have to take advantage of that. While we are at the very beginning of this season, luck will show itself who she favors.

3. Best Way To Increase Your Luck

We said earlier that we won’t be talking about skills or statistics. Well, that was a lie as you can’t improve your luck without improving your skills.

Even the luckiest of punters spend hours researching and finding the best games to win money. And you will make yourself luckier to land an Acca or a single if you do extensive research.

Let’s give you some tips on how to do that.

4. Develop a Bankroll Plan

A bankroll plan involves putting together a larger amount of money and distributing it into bets. For example, you have $1000 that you can use on sports betting, so you develop a plan where you place $10 or $20 bets.

This gives you 100 or 50 bets from that $1000. Every bet you take, record it, and see how you’ve performed at the end. If you’ve ended up with more bets won than lost, then you should consider yourself lucky. But more than that, you’ve become a better and more skilled punter.

5. Limit the Wagering

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Dropping $1000 into sports betting might sound counterproductive, but no one said you had to bet all of it in a single month. Quite the contrary, you should only select the best and safest bets for the week. That means you should put your attention into making 1-2 bets each week.

This way you prevent yourself from going overboard and making sure you don’t develop an addiction where you would have to start chasing winnings.