10 Celebrities Who are Also Sports Bettors

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Have you been losing massive sums of money while betting? After ten losses, you say you are going to quit after one more wager. You tell yourself that luckily you may win the next round. Before you know it, you have had five more losses. This time, the losses are twice as massive as the first time because you were more hopeful.

It is not alcohol or drugs that family and friends will notice quickly and take you to rehab. Again, online casino games like you find at Energy Casino require some skill to play them. It is not a matter of guesswork.

There are numerous casino games with the best examples found in book of ra. These games have gotten even celebrities looking for a little extra coin. Here are the ten stars that lead the pack in wagering.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr

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As many know him, Floyd Joy Sinclair or Floyd Mayweather is probably the most prominent celebrity gambler out here today. He retired from professional boxing with an undefeated record. However, the boxing rings are not the only places he gets enormous loads of money from.

One of his top returns includes winning $42K upon placing a $50K bet to back Colorado. However, that is nothing compared to the numerous bet slip posts he flaunts on Instagram. In one particular post, he claims winning an impressive $1.4 million on a single bet on the Colts!

2. 50 Cent

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The only thing poor about this rapper might be what his name implies. It seems that rap songs are not the only things that he’s good at.

‘Sometimes I hear voices in my head, they tell me things like bet on the GIANTS, so I listen now look…’, reads one tweet of an elated 50 Cent. He then goes on to provide a link as proof of his victory.

On that particular bet against the 49ers, he took home $500K. I bet you also wish to hear those voices in your head as well!

According to this website, you can join the same gambling operators and try to win as well!

3. Charlie Sheen

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Born Carlos Irwin Estévez, this actor is not new to controversies. From marital problems to alcohol and drug abuse, a string of unfortunate circumstances follows him. However, the bottle is not the only thing that Sheen loves.

Former wife Denise Richards reports that he has a gambling problem. She claims that he could spend at least $200,000 every week on betting. However, this amount is a drop in the ocean for someone who once earned $1.8 million per episode on ‘Two and A Half Men.’

4. Bryan Christopher Williams ( Birdman)

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Here is another rapper is known to engage in betting. However, he is not as successful as 50 Cent. In one particular incident, he posted a $100000 bet on Instagram against fellow rapper AR-Ab. His bet was in favor of the Patriots winning against the Eagles.

Later on, he raised the amount to $200000. That was undoubtedly a silly move given the outcome of the game of 33-41, respectively.

5. Charles Barkley

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Currently an analyst in the NBA, Charles Barkley has had quite some success in basketball. He was even a former top player of the sport. Unfortunately, his impressive record does not extend to his sports gambling addiction.

He could not admit that he had an addiction to betting until huge losses. Birdman’s loss of $200000 to AR-Ab is nothing compared to his. He has lost at least $30 million to date on sports and blackjack betting. For sure, your hobby isn’t that costly, is it?

As if he has not yet learned a lesson, he resumed betting after a two-year break. He claims to have learned to gamble in moderation!

6. Jaromír Jágr

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Doing what you love and getting paid handsomely for it is all that everyone wishes to have. In contrast, few individuals like Jaromir aren’t sated by that.

He was the highest-paid player in the NHL (National Hockey League) back in the 90s. However, he still felt that he needed to accrue more cash via betting.

Things weren’t as pleasing for him, having lost $500,000 at one point. William Ceaser decided to leak his losses online when he stopped clearing debts to his website.

7. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

It seems that there is more than one former NBA star who loves to spend money on wagering. Having won six championships with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan thought he could extend that streak to betting.

He was, however, not so lucky to the point he admitted to having lost millions. One of his significant losses includes $165,000 at Atlantic City casino where he loves to frequent. Another case is a $1.25 million loss to Richard Equinas in golf.

It was even rumored that his earlier retirement was not so but a suspension by the NBA. The same was a result of investigations into his gambling issues. It was, however, never confirmed if this was true.

8. Pete Rose

Have you ever had someone saying that the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest? For Peter Edward Rose Sr. Aka Charlie Hustle, that might be one of the things he is still reflecting on.

Baseball wasn’t the only thing he was husting back in the day. His gambling issues led him to lose his position as manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

This banishment was per the rules agreed upon by the Baseball Hall of Fame. According to them, betting for your team when playing results in total exclusion from the sport.

He claims that he would wager for his team because he loved and believed in it. The final price was undoubtedly more than what his betting returns were.

9. Ben Affleck

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Enjoying engrossing movies such as Gone Girl or Batman is not the only thing you can get from this actor. If you had the chance, you definitely would ask for some blackjack tips from Affleck. Imagine being so good until someone tells you that you cannot play a game anymore!

With just two trips to Las Vegas, he accrued $940,000. On his first trip with Matt Damon, fellow actor, he won $140,000. His second visit after a year saw him take home $800,000.

Blackjack is not the only casino game; he is good at wagering. In 2004, he won $356,000 during the California State Poker Championship.

10. Wayne Rooney

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Earlier this year, talented footballer Wayne opened up about his gambling problem. He says that during games when playing for Manchester United, he would stay at a hotel for 10-12 days. Most of this time, he would get bored. That is why he would engage in activities he thought were exciting such as gambling.

Since he saw that young and new to lots of money, he didn’t think wagering a portion was an issue. Within five months, he had lost $700,000. Still, he went to a casino and lost $65,000 in two hours! He has since stopped betting.

Final Words

Indeed, betting can affect anyone irrespective of social status. Ensure you are a great tracker of your funds if you want to venture into wagering. Otherwise, you will waste your money and stagnate your family’s progress.