7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

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If your customers are not satisfied with your attitude towards them, no matter how good your product is, your business will fail. If you think we are exaggerating, we will tell you that research has shown that nine out of ten people decide whether to work with a company and whether to recommend it to someone else based on their relationship with your customer service. Because it is the most direct contact they have with your company.

If they encounter unfriendly staff or feel that their problem has not been done quickly enough and with enough respect for them as personalities, nothing will help you change their minds. That is why you need to bring customer service to the highest level. We will tell you what are the ways to improve it, even though you think it is already good, there is certainly still room for improvement. Because today, with the help of the Internet, it is even easier to pay maximum attention to every one of your customers and thus make them loyal to you. So let’s not miss that opportunity.

1. Address clients by name

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Everyone likes to be treated as a person, not just as one of many people in the herd. That is why you should try to address the client by name as often as possible, no matter what the method of communication is. If you only use general things like “sir” that person may feel that they are not important enough to you as a consumer and that you are not committed enough to solve their problems. To address them so that they feel as if they have invited a friend to help them solve the problem. Lots of research have proven that it improves everyone’s mood when they hear their name. That is why it is the first thing you need to introduce into your practice and teach all your employees to address your clients in this way.

2. Quick response

Customer service must be prompt. Especially today in the era of social networks and the Internet in general. If your client doesn’t get a response within one business day, and if he contacts you during the weekend then within 48 hours, it is very likely they will get a bad impression of you. You’ve probably seen that when you open a chat with a business page on Facebook it says “typically replies within …”. Make sure it says “typically replies within an hour or hours” and not “typically replies within a few days” because that will only mean two things to the client. That you have poor customer service or that you do not use the Facebook page at all. Neither is positive. Chatbots are also a good option, with which you can balance between quick response and number of employees. Visit Botsurfer.com for more info about chatbots.

3. Invest in customer service team training

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They are your people on the front line. So invest in their training, to do the job as well as possible. When you hire them, you definitely check if they are credible for the job, but additional training is always useful. Be sure that they know how to answer all the questions and problems they may face, that their verbal skills are at a high level, and that they are calm so they will not lose their temper when they meet an indecent client, which will certainly happen from time to time.

It is also wise to invest in them learning as many different languages ​​as possible. The more languages customer service is available at, the more customers you will have. Clients even if they know English, love when they get help in their native language. This is another sign that you care about each of them individually.

4. Be simple and clear

Whether it is e-mails, chat, or a call, try to make it as understandable as possible. Whatever the field of work of your company, try to adjust everything so that even those who know nothing about it, understand at least 70%. Do not use complicated and technical terms, but adapt everything possible to everyday speech. Also, avoid jargon, that can leave the impression of unprofessionalism. You don’t want to cause confusion among your clients, as this will probably lead them to look for some other option rather than opting to work with you.

5. Be as accurate as possible

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It is essential that you and your team know very well what you offer as your services or product. You absolutely must not allow yourself to give the wrong answer to a client when he asks you for help. It is better to tell him that you will check and inform him know later than to give the wrong answer. Although it is not good either, because it doesn’t instill confidence in him, but it seems more like you are not professional enough, but a still a better option than the wrong answer. If you have recently introduced a new product in your offer, make sure that everyone is educated and ready to answer every problem. Do not place the product on the market until you know everything about it.

6. Ask for feedback

Another way to show that you care about their opinion, and also a good opportunity to check if you are doing something wrong. Ask customers for feedback, preferably through a survey. If they have to spend a lot of time on feedback, they probably won’t do it. But if you give them a few simple questions, then you will get the information you want. You can also try making phone calls, although this is a somewhat outdated method, where people usually refuse to answer questions. An anonymous survey is the best option.

7. 24/7 customer support

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If you have the opportunity, do your best to offer this to your clients. Whoever sees that they will have the necessary help 24/7, there is a high probability that they will opt for you. It is likely that if you are just starting out, you will not be able to immediately provide 24/7 support, but as soon as you reach a larger customer base, immediately upgrade to 24/7 support. Many studies have proven that this is one of the crucial factors in choosing a company.


Never neglect the importance of customer service. If you do, you will ruin your entire business venture, no matter how good the product or service itself.