How to Host a Perfect BBQ?  


You have a couple of good friends, and you want to call them over for a BBQ, but you’re not sure how to handle the situation? Don’t worry; we got your back. With the eight points, we prepared, you are one step closer to having a perfect barbecue party. The summer days are perfect for hanging out with friends, grilling burgers, and drinking cold beverages. With our help and some advice from BBQ experts you are going to learn how to host a perfect BBQ. So, we’re not going to waste any more time on the introduction, let’s dig in on the subject of this article. 

Simple is The Best


If you want to have a great BBQ party, you do not want to complicate things. Keep everything simple. This is a key to have a great time with your friends, without tiring yourself too much. The first thing that needs to be simple, but not one-dimensional, is food. Do not experiment too much, but stick to those dishes you know how to make best. Look not to make too much, but that everything you make tastes great. You do not want to stray from the barbecue tradition, so stick sausages, burgers, and steaks in the meat department and to roasted veggies for those who are not carnivores. Salad is also welcomed, but you shouldn’t spend time on more than two of them.

Another thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is the grill. If you don’t have one yet, you should check out camp chef pellet grill versus Traeger by Limited-Red. You won’t regret it. 

Don’t Make Guests Stand


Everyone will mingle around during a barbecue party, but now and then, people want to take a seat. While you do not wish to everyone sitting during a party, it is necessary to make enough seating places for everyone who’s invited. Beach chairs and camping chairs should be your focus, while bench or two are also welcomed. The thing is you do not want people standing when the food gets served. No one loves eating on their feet. 

Music is The Answer


While music might not be your party’s focus, you want to have a pleasing playlist for your guests. What happens in the background is significant from the psychological side, as music will instigate conversation. You need to be careful to tone it down, so that conversation between the guest is possible and not to irritate the neighbors. Regarding the songs, you should go with some evergreen like White Snake or Bryan Adams. 

It’s Time For Some Drinks


Waiting for food goes faster if you have a drink in your hand. We all know this. All guests need to be spoiled with cold beverages. Because of this, you need to stock your freezer and be sure to refill it now and then, so you don’t go out on cold drinks. Of course, you should monitor how much alcohol is consumed so that someone wouldn’t turn into a party popper. We all have that one friend, so you should look out for him while preparing the food. In the end, one of the most important things during a BBQ is ice. Keep that on your mind! 

Be Entertaining


While you as a host and the chef won’t have too much time for socializing, you’ll have to keep your guests entertained. It’s unnecessary to have a plan of activities, but you need to have something to suggest to your friends in attendance. While you do not need to follow our advice on this one, the games we recommend are the following: Bottle bash, pong golf, lawn darts, and horseshoes, among others. These are rather standard on BBQ parties, so your guests shouldn’t have any issues playing them.

Watch Out For Insects


This one is essential for every successful barbecue party. It might not look like it, but it is. The reason is simple, insects such as wasps and mosquitos can turn a good party into a disaster. But, they can be handled, and have been in the past by seasoned BBQ hosts. During the party, you and your guests are going to create some trash. It is essential to store the garbage as further as you can from the food.

Furthermore, you need to use smelly candles to ward off the mosquitos. Another benefit of these candles is that they make the atmosphere better during the evening. Two flies with one hit. Some of the issues that insects create can be avoided if you do not rush the food. It’s not okay to keep the guests hungry, but if you go out with food too early, there is a chance insects will ruin your barbecue. 



We can not overestimate how good it is to have a dessert after a good old barbecue. There are many perfect ones you can take out in front of your guests. You can’t please all of the guests with one dessert, so make it diverse. You can go with a standard option, which is ice cream with various toppings, and you won’t make a mistake. Other options we have for you include strawberry cupcakes, brownies, banana split, cheesecake, or blueberry pie. Another exciting opportunity is watermelon if the day is a hot one. All you need to be careful not to get high watermelon sugar as Harry Styles did. In the end, with the dessert, it’s best to serve it sometime after dining, as you do not want it to lose form. 


As you can see, it’s not that hard to make a perfect BBQ. All you need is a bit of planning and good food. This is how most of all masters of this trade do it. They have a plan, like this one we presented to you, in a couple of points. As for the guests, we can only hope that you picked them well and that they would leave your house with full bellies and that summer feeling in their hearts. As this article is coming to an end, we should stop quoting Mr. Styles and let you prepare your barbecue.