Eddie Murphy’s Ex-Wife Has Perfect Abs at 52

Image source: profimedia.com

During isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, 52-year-old Nicole Murphy, who kept his last name after the divorce, doesn’t give up on her routine and intense exercise programs.

Image source: profimedia.com

She showed it on the streets of her neighborhood in Los Angeles after she put on a white crop top and shorts, which revealed perfectly defined abs, bare legs, but also a lush background that she can boast about. Due to safety measures, she wore a protective mask on her face, but it could be noticed that she was not wearing make-up under it.

“I think with age you build your self-esteem, you become more confident. I’m confident within myself. I love to embrace my age. We can’t go backwards”, she told BET’s Body of Work.

Image source: profimedia.com

Nicole also admitted to drinking only water and eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

She and Eddie met in 1988 and were married five years later. The marriage, during which they welcomed five children, lasted until April 2006.


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