Top 5 Things you Need to Do to Take Care of Your Car


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If you are possessing a car, you are responsible for its maintenance. It seems to be time-consuming and expensive somehow. But the investment today will help you to save your future money.

So, you should make a habit of car maintenance. It can keep your car in good condition as long as possible. Below you will be taken through the top 5 things you need to do to take care of your car. Let’s jump into them now!

What Should You Do to Take Care of Your Car?

1. Make Sure Your Oil Intake is Sufficient


One simple thing every driver should always know is to keep the amount of oil maintained at the right level for the engine. Although it sounds easy, this essential task will keep your car at the highest life expectancy.

Appropriate oil level is a good idea 

Besides, you must also pay attention to change the lubrication of the engine and filter it regularly. This should be available in the driver’s car care tip. After every 5,000 miles or 7000 miles, wash the car and change the oil for a companion.

Because oil is a liquid that can disperse heat, be careful during the oil change. The engine will burn a certain amount of oil, so add it when the benchmark drops. If there is too little oil in the car, the engine will overheat when operating. If the engine is too hot, it will seriously affect the vehicle. Stress weighs heavily on the motors and they will quickly fail.

The engine is broken. Then you have to spend an enormous amount of money to replace it or repair it. That is very expensive. Therefore, calculate for yourself the most appropriate and beneficial plan.

2. Pay Close Attention to The Power Steering Oil


Most new vehicles today (including old vehicles) have hydraulic power pumps available. The manufacturer uses power steering oil to lubricate them. The screw-on lid design of the pump container will help you check the level of residual oil more easily.

You will have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace dry-running pumps if it fails. Do not worry too much, pay attention to the symptoms created by the car if there is a problem of power steering.

If you hear the noise when turning the steering wheel or your handlebars are too hard, then there is a problem. Besides, you can consider the new models now have electric power steering without using power steering oil.

3. Checking the Brake Fluid


Checking the brake fluid is so easy 

When checking the fluid under the hood, be sure to check the brake fluid level. This time is convenient. After parking on flat and level terrain, remove the reservoir cap. Appropriate brake fluid level will be between the minimum and maximum intervals in the tank. 

When buying an ax, the manufacturer will give you a few notes. Follow their recommendations to choose the right liquid for cars.

Although brake fluid does not affect the life of the engine, it can keep you safe. Its effectiveness in stopping the vehicle decreases with the time the brake fluid absorbs water.

The brakes are not discreet as we imagine. The change of heat from cold to hot also does not help condensation. In case the brake fluid has too much water, kick hard on the brake pedal so it generates heat. The heat will boil water in the line. Pay attention to stop the vehicle at a suitable distance.

4. Check Carefully When Maintenance


If things go wrong, the repair process will be expensive. Always keep liquids in transfer boxes in cars. You should replace the tires at the prescribed time so as not to affect the vehicle. When buying a new car, read carefully, and follow the instruction manual from the manufacturer.

5. The Tire Is an Important Factor


If you want your car to travel interminable distances, choose high-quality tires. However, the outstanding quality will come at a higher price. Find out what is the right time to turn and check the tire alignment in the manual. You can visit for more detailed tire reviews. The Tire Deets is one of the leading resources online for practical advice tire reviews and guidance for your car

In particular, another important thing that you need to know is to maintain the air pressure at an appropriate level. If so, you can take additional miles outside of the tires. If possible, list the front and rear tire pressure with a sticker on your driver’s door frame.

How About Cleaning Your Car Regularly?

Washing Your Car on A Regular Basis


Keeping your vehicle clean is also important. Therefore, you have to wash it regularly. Your vehicle is subjected to grime, smog, bird poop bombs, and other natural elements. These things may eat away at the paint color, then comes to the metal in your vehicle. So, how often do you wash your car?

Washing your car is a method of keeping its brand new 

Well, it depends on two factors including climate and location. For example, if your living area has lots of pollution in the air, you should wash your car two/three times per month. 

Conversely, those live in areas with little pollution, you can wash them once a month. Especially, you will need to wash it more often in winter than you do in summer.

Do Not Throw Rubbish Inside Your Car


Your vehicle interior is not a rubbish can. Thus, you should not throw the garbage around. Besides, keeping the inside of your vehicle tidy and clean can lower stress. This means that you will have a more enjoyable driving experience

Furthermore, you will not know when you will have sudden passengers. So, you may not sheepishly say sorry if you keep your car clean.

Final Words

As seen above, the top 5 things you need to do to take care of your vehicle is demonstrated clearly. All of them are relating to vehicle maintenance. And it seems to be the optimal method to look after your car. Therefore, you should follow the maintenance schedule recommended in the manual of your vehicle.