Expert Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper

Wallpapers are expanding their place in interior design day by day. Choosing wallpaper while making home decoration has become one of the most significant priorities of homeowners. One of our most significant advantages in-wall design is that they can transform our space without taking up space. You can use wallpaper in all areas, small or large.

Thus, you can add texture, pattern, and color to your walls and transform your living space. Of course, there are some essential tips to pick a wallpaper that you need to know before moving on to the enjoyable stage. Especially if you are a new wallpaper user, you should be careful while you pick your wallpaper. Check out these expert tips to choose the perfect wallpaper in every way.

Measuring the Walls

Draw or photograph all the walls you need to measure. Add all the obstacles such as doors, windows to your drawing. With all the obstacles on the wall, the total width and height of your wall will be multiplied, and the area of ​​your wall will be calculated. According to Wallmur, wall measurement is significant when you are considering buying custom size wallpaper instead of standard size. When you have done, check and make sure it’s correct.

Choosing Correct Material According to the Wall Type

The first step after deciding to use wallpaper is to have information about the texture of the wall. Along with developing technology, wallpaper options are also very developed. Let’s divide the wallpaper types into peel and stick and traditionally. These days, they differ among themselves, but the critical point here is to know which kind of material you will use according to your wall. Otherwise, when you receive your chosen wallpaper, you may notice that it is not suitable for your wall and you have to change it. Material information is essential information to pick a wallpaper.

Traditional wallpaper

  • They can be used on textured and non-woven surfaces
  • They are applied to the wall with wallpaper adhesive.

Peel and stick wallpaper

  • Wall surface should be smooth, flat and clean
  • The paper behind it is removed and applied to the wall.

If we look at the same feature of Traditional and Peel and Stick wallpapers, if the wall to which they are applied is newly painted, it should wait until the walls are completely dry. This period is at least four weeks. Remember, even if your wall looks dry, it is not considered thoroughly dried before four weeks. In case you apply before, the paint’s solvent effect may affect the adhesive or glue of the wallpaper. It can reduce the adherence effect of wallpaper on the wall.

Wipe-ability Factor

You have received the wallpaper. Wallpaper quality is okay. You have perfect harmony in your home, and you are delighted with the result. But as time goes on, like all the items in your home, your wallpapers will be dusty and dirty. Especially the ability to be cleaned according to the area they are used to becomes one of the most important subjects. Therefore, one of the issues you should pay attention to before buying is to choose a product that can be cleaned.

How Do You Use Wallpaper in Decoration

Now we can move on to the parts that we will enjoy more. First of all, you can start by getting inspired before wallpaper selection. You can begin collecting room images to enhance your favorite wallpapers and design. Review the photos you have received and set aside the pieces you think will fit with your home decoration. Whether you like bright patterns or traditional floral designs, it can be your favorite in geometric or abstract designs.

There is a design you like very much, but if you think it does not suit your home style, think again. The mix and match selections in the interior design are among the most prominent trends. Free yourself and go for the style you like. If you are a minimalist, you can choose refreshing wall mural designs. Knowing what you want helps you narrow down your choices when selecting the right design for your home and ultimately make you happy.

1. Feature wall

If you imagine creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect in your room, if you’re going to cover and transform an architectural flaw or another situation that looks bad, you can find wall mural designs that suit your style and create wonders.

2. Four wall

When you want to make your room look wider or longer, you can evaluate all four walls. You can show an area with a low ceiling longer using vertical designs, or you can show it larger using styles that will add depth.

3. 5th wall

If you want to create an effective change in your home, you can evaluate the ceiling, which is the 5th wall. Applying wallpaper to the ceiling adds quite an unexpected depth to space. Renaissance paintings, especially for ceilings, are tremendously trending. You can also evaluate your ceiling by choosing a design according to your taste.

Paper Texture Selection

After choosing wallpaper, we have reached the stage where you have to decide how the paper will look. This choice can be purely personal, or you can choose according to your needs. For example, if there is a defect on your wall that you want to cover, if you decide textured paper, textured papers can be more concealer. However, if this type of situation is not available, you can choose according to your style.

Wallpaper Selection According to the Style of the Room

When choosing wallpaper patterns, you should consider how and how often the room is used. It is essential to check out the wallpaper tips before choosing wallpaper. If you decide to use a pattern that you like a lot but it is very complicated in your study room. It can start to make a tiring effect for you in long term use. If you choose by thinking that the design you like will suit the purpose of the room, you can use the design for a long time without getting bored.

Choose a suitable look for your life

You can choose dramatic colors with a large pattern for a stylish look. For fun and shining style, you can choose geometric and abstract patterns or motifs at regular intervals in pretty light shades and vague colors. Remember the effect of equal intervals in repeating patterns; they add movement to the area. Available in all sorts of styles, consisting of natural landscapes and tropical images combined with wildlife, designs create a very relaxing effect in every place and quickly transform the theme of the room.

Positive accent effects

Do not forget about lines and vertical designs that emphasize height and create a positive impact. Do not think of them as just a design of vertical lines. For example, let’s think of a flower pattern, and the shape of the motif looks like the letter U when it is a single line. These types of patterns are vertical patterns and make your ceiling look higher than before. If we look at horizontal patterns, they emphasize width. A horizontal design for a narrow room makes the room look spacious.

Find the right scale

Large-scale designs create a warmer effect in the living space, while small-scale patterns create a sense of width. If you want a room with few items to look fuller, choose rather large-scale patterns. The wallpaper designs with dark background in vivid and bright colors will meet your needs. If you want to add depth to flat walls, you can try dimensional designs.

Mix and match

Rooms with a lot of furniture and patterns make you feel restless and tired, but it can be quite dull in a patternless place. If you are going to mix two things in a different style, you can choose different shades of the same color when mixing colors, flowers, accessories in a room. So if you prefer patterns with many different shades of the same color, you will love the result.

Attention to small patterns

If you are going to apply wallpaper for the first time, you need to pay attention to mini and sequential patterns before picking a wallpaper. If the model you choose has a small but scattered design, an error will not cause a problem. A design with regular and sequential patterns may upset you in your first application. Since it will show the smallest mistake you will make, while waiting for a great result, that detail that does not attract the attention of others will disturb you.

How Much Wallpaper Do You Need

  • Measure your wall
  • Watch out for interruptions for windows, doors or any other large opening
  • Order a little more than the size you need for safe installation

Try first

If you are purchasing wallpaper for the first time, be sure to get a sample before purchasing a large wallpaper you want. It is an essential detail for the type, color, feel of the paper, or whether it will appear as you imagine in your space.

Where Can We Get The Wallpaper

Stores that have a variety of materials and designs make us feel safe when choosing wallpaper. Be sure to check out this beautiful store where you can individually sample and evaluate and then safely shop online:

Wallmur (