How to Get a Visa for Saudi Arabia?

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Saudi Arabia is providing opportunities to get a tourist visa. Now everyone other than business people can also visit the place and explore various cities there. Some people find the visa application process quite difficult. “How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia?” is a common query.

If you are also facing the same difficulty, then you must go through this write-up thoroughly. Here, you will get the entire information from requirements to the application process. You can visit web portals like, where you can understand the entire procedure and apply for the entry permit.

Now, no one can stop you from traveling to Saudi Arabia, if you have legal documents and permission to enter into this country. Keep yourself updated and get a visa for spending memorable days in Saudi Arabia with your friends and family.

Types of Visas

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Different types of visas are there for different purposes. Every person has a variant purpose of visiting the country. Let us discuss them in detail.


If you are shifting to Saudi Arabia for setting up a business, then it is necessary to have this document. You can apply for it by taking help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After getting approval, the embassy will provide the country’s entry permit. The procedure is relatively simple, and anyone can try for it if you have enough money to invest.


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If you love to travel and you want to explore this country for a few days or months, then you have to apply for the tourist visa. You can apply it online or get the one on arrival. You will get entry to this country only when you have this document.


Many Muslims across the globe visit Hajj every year, and they need a religious visa for entering this country. If you are also planning to go to Mecca and Medina, then you must have this document.

Residence or Work Permit

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If you want to work or earn money in Saudi Arabia, then you have to contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is valid for only two years, and you live there without any legal issues. The employees living there need residence documents to stay there.

Requirements for the Visa

Before going ahead for the procedure of the form filling and other application formalities, you must have some of the following documents. If you have them, then go ahead to the next step, else manage to have them first before applying for the visa.


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It is necessary to have a legal passport for traveling to Saudi Arabia. There should be the validity of the next six months. It means that you can also go there before expiring the validity. There should be two pages for the visa. Make sure that the pages of the booklet should be in the right condition.


You must have clear, colored, passport photographs for the application process. It should be the latest and must be printed on a high-quality paper. Make sure that the picture background should be white. If we talk about the size, then it should be two by two inches. It should not be damaged with staple pins or glue. If you can avoid wearing sunglasses or caps, then it would be better.

Invitation Letter

If Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry invites you, then you have to present it to the document. It is necessary to know which organization is contacting or calling you to the country with the invitation of the Ministry. The address should be correct with a complete address and contact number. The validity should also be mentioned in it. This document will be accepted only when it has legal stamps of the Ministry.

Business Registration Certificate

If anyone is sponsoring your trip, then you must provide the certificate to the authority. There should be a legal stamp by the Ministry of Saudi Arabia.

Application Form

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You have to fill the form, whether it is online or offline. You have to fill all the fields correctly so that the application will not get rejected. Make sure that you have provided your legal address and contact number along with the signature. All the fields are checked thoroughly and then only, and you will get the visa.

Extra Documents

There should be a photostat of every document you have. There may be a requirement of extra documents for completing the formalities. Make sure that you have extra photographs.

Urgent Requirements for Quick Application

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If you want to have the document urgently, then you can also manage it without spending much money by VisaCentral. The professional member will go through all your legal documents and send them for the submission. In case of any mistake, he will contact you and ask for the improvements and then, submit it to them on the spot. It is a quick way of the application procedure.

How to Apply for the Visa?

If you have all the documents as mentioned earlier, then you are eligible for traveling and exploring the county. You need to fill the application and submit it with all your legal documents. After that, you have to pay the fees, and then you will get it in an online mode. You can also apply for the visa on arrival, and you can get it whenever you reach the airport in Saudi Arabia.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, every person can go to Saudi Arabia for traveling, business, employment, resident, and for other purposes. It requires legal documents and properly filling the application. If you do everything carefully, then you will get the entry permit for this country. It is a necessary document or stamp for every foreigner, who is going to that country for any purpose.

If you do not know certain requirements, then you should go through the information as mentioned earlier thoroughly. When you have all the legal documents, then only you will be eligible for the country visit. If you do not have any one of them, then it is better to manage to get them before applying for the visa.