Do you Need Adult Doll to Get More Sex Practice Experience?


It’s true that the ultimate goal of a life-sized sex doll is to provide sexual pleasure to the owners.  But with sex dolls becoming more “realistic and lifelike”, their benefits extend way beyond just satiating your sexual needs. Now, sex dolls have become a home therapy to gain more sexual experience and become a perfect lover – the one woman loves to bed with.

Z lovedoll will walk you through why gaining sexual experience is the foundation of a healthy relationship and how a lifelike sex doll helps you achieve that.

Why Sexual Experience is So Important in a Relationship?


Research shows that the proportion of unsatisfied sexual life is too great among middle-aged and old couples. Even when you think you’re doing your best in the bed, the other half is hardly satisfied. Not blaming you for anything but once a woman reaches her climax, she expects more sex from you. Having failed to meet her needs, your woman looks elsewhere to satisfy her sexual fantasies.

Also, it’s very common that one partner has a higher sex drive and when sexual desires aren’t met, it can kill the relationship and lead to separation in the long term. That’s where lifelike sex dolls come in handy and help you master your sexual skills and boost intimate drive and ability.

How Sex Dolls Give More Sexual Experience?

Lifelike dolls are designed to imitate a real woman. They have a realistic appearance and often enhanced traits to make them more enjoyable and give you the same feelings and pleasure as having sex with a real human. Bringing a TPE or Silicone doll home can bring fun, excitement, and all the things missing in your sexual life. Here’s how sex dolls make you a better lover in the bedroom.

1. No One’s Watching You


Many men are shy and have certain fears that make them nervous in bed that often cause doldrums in their sexual relationship. The biggest fears include sexual performance and ejaculation periods especially for men who are either virgins or didn’t have much sex before. With these fears running in mind, men can’t satisfy their partners. But not anymore as long as you have a beautiful sex doll in your home.

Knowing that she won’t judge you nor make any complaints, you perform the best of yourself. The more you have sex with her, the more urge you have to outperform yourself, and it comes from inner consciousness and self-satisfaction. You can relax, foreplay, stay calm, indulge in softcore and hardcore sex anytime you want during the love session which makes you a perfect lover with time.

The feelings of joy and excitement raise your sexual performance when you know how good you are in bed. This self-confidence reinforces your relationship with your (future) wife or girlfriend and makes you the man of her dreams.

2. Try New Postures and Sexual Exercises

Silicone or TPE sex dolls are designed to be highly flexible. She has got all the traits of a beautiful woman that make you crave to bend her in all possible postures and try any sexual position that you see in porn movies and gain practical experience. One of the common intimacy issues among couples is the absence of new sexual positions. Most men rely on same doggy and missionary sex positions throughout the life which makes the love life rather boring – but you can’t blame them. They simply don’t know how to try new postures without the fear of getting failed or doing it all wrong because, at the end of the day, no man is willing to hurt their ego.

But not in the case of sex dolls. While having sex with a realistic sex doll, you set yourself up to try whatever position you like. Your confidence level is raised knowing that she won’t get angry not get upset if something goes wrong. Within just a few months, you are bound to learn more positions and master the art of switching up positions during a love session. She accompanies you throughout the process and witnesses your improvement as you learn a range of new techniques that make sex even more exciting and full of fun.

Bring a sex doll home and check out yourself how quickly your sexual performance improves. It will do wonders in your real relationship – that I promise.

3. Sex Dolls Are Obedient


Another distinct feature of sex dolls that goes a long way in helping you get more sex practice experience is they’re very obedient and compliant. Unlike real women, they don’t expect you to outperform every single time even when you’re going through the toughest days of your life and she never gets tired. Plus, she’s available 24/7 to fulfill your fantasies and make you happy.

You get to know your sexual limits and how to extend them, improve your stamina in bed, and practice stronger and more powerful orgasms. This gives you peace of mind and satisfaction that bring the best of you. With time, you hone your sexual skills and develop an ability to please your woman no matter how high her sexual drive is.

4. Resolve Premature Ejaculation

Sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure and enjoyment. Many men remain anxious about their ejaculation period and end up spoiling sex. The apprehension that they suffer from premature ejaculation – which makes them think that they can’t have sex for a longer period – creates a feeling of insecurity and performance anxiety.

Validations from sex doll owners and psychological research show that having sex with a lifelike sex doll helps you overcome this fear with time. Mostly, the problem doesn’t exist but the constant fear creates it. When you perform intimate sex sessions with a sex doll, you realize you’re not a patient of premature ejaculation. It further boosts your confidence and improves your sexual performance which will reignite your relationship with a real woman.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, sex dolls prove to be very efficient in helping you gain sexual experience and last longer in bed. Being able to have sex with a lifelike doll having lifelike, anatomical love holes train you to satisfy your partner and maintain yourself on the edge without finishing.