The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Underwear: Tips and Trends for Every Style (2024)


Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions regarding menswear. You wear it every day, right next to your skin. Comfort is one of the deciding factors when picking a pair of undies, but who says style and comfort do not go hand in hand?

Choosing underwear can be more exciting than just picking classic white briefs. Yes, white briefs are still an option, a necessity, but there are several more styles to discover and explore.

Sexy Mens Underwear comes in different styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors, such as men’s thong underwear, Jockstraps, briefs, etc. To ensure that your underwear etiquette is to the point along with being sexy too, below is the ultimate guide to men’s underwear and a few tips.

Types Of Men’s Underwear

When you look for men’s underwear, you will be surprised to know that there are different styles to choose from. From classic briefs to sexy thongs, there is a style and taste for everybody. So, let’s look at different types of men’s underwear and explore their unique features.



These are the most commonly brought, they are form-fitting, and they provide maximum support. They also provide minimal coverage. There are different styles available such as high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise.

The briefs are usually made from fabrics like cotton, spandex, or microfiber. You can wear briefs if you are wearing tight pants, shorts, or slim-fit pants. Also, if your primary priority is comfort, you can opt for briefs. Briefs also prevent chafing!


Boxers are loose-fitting underwear. They are the epitome of comfort, are extremely breathable, and provide freedom of movement. For men who want an extremely relaxed fit and do not like constriction, then these are for them.

There are different styles available such as trunk-style, fitted, and traditional. They are also available in different fabrics: cotton, synthetic blend, or silk. You can wear these with shorts and pants. However, boxers might not provide support for some men, and they can ride up or bunch up.

Boxer Briefs

When you want to get the best of both worlds, go for boxer briefs. As evident by the name, it is a combination of both boxers and briefs. They are comfortable, versatile, and come in different lengths. They are made up of cotton or modal, which are moisture-wicking materials.



Trunks are best if you opt for a more streamlined look, as they provide less coverage. It is perfect for men who do like the support of the briefs but also want to opt for a more minimalistic and modern look.


Jockstraps are on the athletic side, and they are perfect when doing intense physical activity. They provide maximum protection and support. They consist of a pouch of genitals, a waistband, and leg straps.

They look sexy too! They are made up of mesh and spandex and are most preferred for activities such as cycling, weightlifting, and running.


Thong underwear has been a popular choice among women for quite a time; however, the popularity is growing among men too. This is due to the fact that there are different varieties with improved designs available.

The thongs provide a confined space as it is connected by thin fabric at the front. This leaves the buttocks exposed. The thong style is best suited for the ones who prefer a tailored look. They are perfect to wear with form-fitted pants, shorts, etc.,

Another great option is the bikini for men. Yes, do not get surprised; bikinis are not only for women. Men can carry bikinis too. Bikini is similar to brief, also known as micro brief. They expose the thighs and consist of a small front pouch that manages to cover the buttocks.

Tips For Picking The Right Underwear Style


Underwear plays a vital role in determining your comfort the whole day. Along with comfort, there is nothing wrong with feeling stylish too.

However, when picking up the underwear, you do have to choose the right one for your body type. There are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Pick The Right Fabric

There are different fabrics, cotton, spandex, etc. Cotton is one of the most common choices, and it is comfortable, too; however, there are other options, too, such as polyamide and spandex. They provide enough room and are breathable.

Consider The Fit

The underwear should not be too tight; instead, it should fit snugly. If the fit is too tight, it could chafe, and if it is too loose, it could bunch up.

The Style You Want


As you have seen above, different varieties of men’s underwear are available such as briefs, thongs, trunks, etc.; each style has its advantages, so pick the one that feels right for you. For example, boxer briefs provide support, but if they are tight, they can become constricting.

Few Trends To Follow

Below are some trends that you can follow:

Bold Colors: Men are embracing the color; now, apart from tighty whities, there are several color options available. There are underwear in greens and pinks, bold yellows, etc.

Printed underwear: It has become quite popular as different print styles are available, from subtle to bold patterns.

Retro styles: Retro-style underwear is making its way back. Boxers and briefs with snug fit and high waistband offer a classic look and modern comfort.

Seamless Underwear: Their purpose is to hide the panty line and provide a comfortable and smooth fit. You can get seamless underwear in different styles, be it thongs, briefs, boxer briefs, etc.



Summing up, as you can see, there are different varieties of underwear, and you do not have to settle for just plain basic briefs. While choosing underwear, consider your fashion preferences, lifestyle, and, of course, your comfort.

However, also remember that fit and quality are two things that you must never compromise with. Also, since you wear underwear every day, do not hesitate to invest in some high-quality pairs.