How to Pick the Best Leather Recliner for Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation (PLUS Handy Care Tips)


Quality leather recliner chairs offer the ultimate in comfort, support and long-lasting value. Top-class designs include ergonomic support for your body and it results in better posture. Premium leather material ensures your recliner chair gives you long-term seating enjoyment for years to come.

When looking for leather recliners, make sure you pick one that includes these features and more. This way you can get the most out of your seating investment!

Keep reading to find out how to pick the best leather recliner for your home and discover how to take care of it so it lasts for many years.

How to Pick the Best Leather Recliner for Comfort and Relaxation


Comfortable Seating

A well-designed chair includes features that support your body while keeping you comfortable when seated. Your leather recliner should be able to accommodate your body shape and mass without impacting your seating posture. A stable seat and curved armrests allow you to relax without putting strain on your body.

Ergonomic designs don’t only protect your spine while you’re seated but they also provide sustained comfort and relaxation no matter how long you use your chair. An adjustable backrest lets you find the right position whether seated upright or reclining.

Integrated or Separate Footrest

Footrests add extra comfort to your seating and relaxation experience. You can choose a leather recliner chair with an integrated footrest or opt for a separate ottoman. Integrated footrests save space and allow you to recline comfortably without your feet dangling over the edge.

An integrated footrest offers these other benefits:

  • Versatility for chairs that swivel or glide
  • A cohesive and streamlined appearance

Not all leather recliners come with integrated footrests so decide beforehand if this is an essential feature for you before buying a chair. When measuring your seating area for a leather recliner, factor in space for a foldout footrest or separate ottoman.

Adjustable Headrest


Headrests let your head lean back comfortably without flopping backward or putting strain on your neck. Telescopic or adjustable headrests allow you to adjust the height and positioning for ergonomic support of your head and neck area.

A headrest lets you relax in comfort while preventing neck pain. They’re particularly important for people who battle with head or neck problems and for ensuring good seating posture. An adjustable headrest is essential if you’re a tall person who needs added support while seated.

Manual, Motor, or Battery Operation

You can use a lever to manually operate your leather recliner and alter the reclining positions. Another option is to pick a chair with motorized or battery operations for ease of use and convenience. Here are the benefits of the two methods:

  • Motor ─ Using a motorized mechanism, you have better control over the different reclining positions.
  • Battery ─ You don’t need to be seated close to a power source, giving you more flexibility in terms of where in the room you position your recliner chair.

Manual leather recliners also don’t need to be located at an electric socket, but they have fewer reclining positions. These chairs are more affordable when compared to motorized versions.

Glide, Recline, or Swivel

Leather recliners can be extremely versatile, with some designs letting you pick between glide, recline, or swivel functions. A glide recliner lets you slide backward and forward with gentle movements – they’re a popular choice for parents who want something similar to a rocking chair.

Leather recliners with a swivel feature allow you to rotate the chair without leaving your seat. This is particularly useful for joining in conversations without straining your neck or for people healing from serious injuries and needing easy access to items around them. If you’re only looking for a reclining function, stick to leather recliners that offer this standalone feature.

Fabric or Leather Material

Not all recliner chairs are made of leather! If you don’t enjoy the sensation of sitting in a leather recliner but want the reclining features, consider picking covered in fabric. A wide range of options is available in today’s market.

Do note the pros and cons of each option though. Fabric gives you more color and texture options to choose from while leather is unbeatable when it comes to style and elegance. It’s easier to clean the latter and it can last longer than fabric.

Handy Care Tips for Leather Recliners

  • To prevent staining caused by alcohol, water, and oil apply leather protection cream to new leather recliners before use.
  • Keep leather recliner chairs at least 60cm away from heating vents and radiators as well as direct sunlight to prevent the material from drying out and potentially cracking.
  • Avoid placing leather recliners near windows, doors or directly under skylights to prevent sun fade.
  • Regularly use a damp cloth to wipe away dust and dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals and pick a leather cleaner product to deal with stubborn dirt.
  • Use leather care products two to four times a year to clean and maintain your leather recliner. Pay attention to areas that are exposed to body contact often such as the headrest, seat and armrests.
  • Remove liquid spills immediately, especially on the chair’s mechanisms.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation at home, you can’t go wrong with premium-quality leather recliners. Picking one with all the features mentioned in this article ensures you get the right fit for you. Just remember, frequent care is important to maintain your seating investment for many years.