Gianluca Vacchi and His 27 Y Younger Girlfriend Are Expecting Their First Child!

Image source: Instagram

Famous Italian playboy and millionaire 52-year-old Gianluca Vacchi has announced the happy news that he and his 25-year-old girlfriend Sharon Fonseca are expecting their first child – a baby boy.

The couple posted the news on Gianluca’s Instagram profile, where 15.2 million people follow him. They posted a video and then a photo of Sharon already showing a baby bump.

“Thank you so much for the love you gave us. We are very grateful to life for this beautiful gift,” Gianluca wrote next to the photo. The couple decided to share the news with the public on Mother’s Day.

This Italian became famous in 2017 thanks to dancing videos he posted, which spread on social media at the speed of light. That same year, the press first linked him to the beautiful Sharon from Venezuela.

Before that, he was in a relationship with supermodel Giorgio Gabriele, who is actually credited with the first release of his dance videos. The media quickly dubbed Vacchi as “the world’s hottest 50-year-old”. His graying hair and beard are his trademark, just like the numerous tattoos he used to decorate his sculpted body with.

Image source: Instagram

Gianluca already has a daughter, Ginvera Mavilla, whom he got in a relationship with his former partner back in 2002.

Although it has been written on several occasions that he has serious financial problems, today, his fortune is estimated at around $ 300 million. He is a shareholder of multinational companies IMA S.p.A., Interactive Group, it: Tesmeca, FIN Vacchi Finanziaria Italiane, owner of First Investments SpA and founder of the famous brand Toy Watch.

Image source: Instagram

His best friends are famous footballers Marco Borriello and Bobo Vieri, singer Luis Fonsi and many others.

Vacchi likes to spend his free time in luxury destinations around the world, and he was often spotted in the company of real beauties, much younger than himself until Sharon won his heart.