Floral Style Tips for Men

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Menswear has constantly been evolving and changing through the centuries. It’s a breath of fresh air to see men wearing something different at modern Fashion Weeks and style exhibitions that didn’t include beige, black, or blue. Styles like athleisure, relaxed office wear, and now florals are becoming more common, but many men don’t know how to wear these bold prints. Here’s how.

Men Can Wear Florals and Bold Patterns, Too!

Have you ever wondered how to pair that Panama hat with anything in your closet? Florals can be just as confusing due to their loudness, but it’s possible to wear this print in multiple ways.

1. Florals On Suits

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Mega-celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Nick Wooster, Tinie Tempah, and Harry Styles have worn floral suits. Any man can pull off a floral suit, especially if it’s fitted. We recommend starting with a black and white floral suit jacket, pants, and a black button-up and tie.

Pair your suit with a boutonniere for yourself or a bouquet for your loved one from The Bouqs. Bouqs offers same-day delivery and low-cost shipping in case you need to order last-minute.

2. Color Coordinate Your Shoes

Matching one of your clothing items to another is an easy way to complete any outfit. When your color palette is in a universally flattering range, such as black, white, or blue tones, you can start matching your shoes to the color of your shirt. You can also match your belt while you’re at it.

When you pair accessories together, other people will assume you know what you’re doing. If your shirt has more than one color, match your pants to one and your shoes to the other.

3. Florals On Shirts Only

One of the easiest ways to wear florals is by choosing a shirt or button-up with a subtle print. Many men’s floral shirts will have a single-colored background and feature small, subtle flowers across them. Counteract the bright colors with neutral components, like off-white jeans.

An interesting positive side effect of wearing and seeing flowers is that it improves your mood. While not as effective as working out, flowers still make us feel less agitated and anxious.

4. Go Bold or Go Home

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If you’re prepared to go bold, put on that Hawaiian shirt you’ve always wanted to rock. Hawaiian shirts are undoubtedly noticeable because they’re fun, loud, and make you feel like you’re on vacation. If you’re going all-in with the brightest combo possible, the rest has to match.

Seersucker shorts or yellow pants can make your outfit look more preppy and beach bum, but if you prefer a laid-back yet refined look, put on fancy loafers instead of sandals or work boots.

5. Florals With Outerwear

Jackets and coats are great for keeping you warm, but they can also neutralize your floral shirt or pants. If you’re wearing a fur vest or flower-patterned pants and a black jacket, avoid wearing anything on your torso with a pattern. The vibrant color and lack of symmetry may not suit you.

It’s best to choose a red and black floral windbreaker or a chintz bomber only when you’re wearing black pants or either a white or black shirt to level out the loudness in your jacket.

6. Florals at the Gym

At the gym, stay comfortable in floral harem pants or sweatpants. If you prefer to wear shorts at the gym, Adidas often brings out floral collections that aren’t overpowering or noticeable. Floral dad hats and snapbacks are pretty subtle if you want something you can easily take off.

Gym bags are all out of the way and easy to keep hidden if you’re still getting used to your new look. Or, there are designs that only have leaves and stems in grayscale or white.

7. Just a Little Bold

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Pairing neutral florals with neutral colors is a good option for most men. Instead of putting flowers on your shirt, suit jacket, or tie, focus on your pants. Try for floral dress pants that are primarily white, but add splashes of black, gold, or other neutral-colored flowers or leaves.

On your top half, go strictly neutral and more casual. Add a black t-shirt underneath a black suit jacket and avoid accessorizing further. Wear black or brown dress shoes to complete the look.

8. Florals on the Beach

If there’s anywhere men can traditionally feel comfortable wearing flowers; it’s on the beach. Buy floral swim trunks to literally dip your toe into the flower fashion game. If you prefer to walk around in a shirt, wear either a Hawaiian shirt (you’ll get away with it) or a black t-shirt.

Make sure you bring your sunglasses and a backpack, so you can carry your wallet with you. The last thing you want is to run into the ocean with your money in your back pocket.

9. Accessories Only

If you already wear a lot of neutrals, it’ll be easy for you to pair your completed outfit with floral accessories. For example, your all-black fitted suit could use a floral tie, flower decal cufflinks, or pocket square. Little details like these will make any outfit look less one-dimensional.

Wear botanic printed shoes with any neutral outfit to take your look to the next level. Whether it’s floral sneakers or dress shoes, ensure your footwear isn’t too colorful.

10. Not Just for Spring

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No one has to follow fashion trends; you just need to wear whatever makes you look and feel good. If you want to wear florals in the Winter, go for it. The truth is, most people don’t actually care. Plus, if you specifically come off like you don’t care, then people will actually believe it.

Still, as a general rule, the fashion world will keep cool shades in the Winter and warm shades in the summer. If you want to follow that trend, wear blue jeans and a white floral shirt in the summer. For winter months, stick to shirts, pants, and suits that use black as a base.