Going Viral: How Funny Merchandise Can Help Your Business Gain Social Media Attention – 2024

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In the modern era of social media, businesses need help finding customers. Unlike the previous times, when it was easy to build a customer base through adverts, times have now changed, and it’s getting harder. There is immense competition in all fields, and every company has understood the need to build a strong, loyal customer background before expanding the business.

Despite the struggles, many companies gained social media attention through a simple yet elegant solution, i.e. using funny merchandise! In the 21st century, there are multiple ways to gain popularity; as far as businesses are concerned, the easiest method is to build fan followers using social media handles. Several factors influence how the content attains popularity. Let’s peek at some of them and discuss how to go viral.

How Important Is To Build A Social Profile For Businesses

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Social media handles are a great way to interact with and provide great customer service. Customer service is one of the primary areas businesses must focus on to create a loyal fan base. In this modern world, consumers love to complain about different aspects of a product on a social media profile. It will create debates and engagements that will, in turn, give a bad reputation to the business unless addressed properly. These are the instances in which social media handles have huge importance.

Addressing the complaints and issues directly with the consumer might not help the reputation. Instead, social media handles can create engagements and highlight the instances in which the customer service team has made meaningful resolutions to various issues raised by the consumer. This will help the brand attain a brand image by caring for and providing excellent after-sale services.

Due to the impact of social media, consumers have sought to put complaints as public posts and tweets; this has helped other potential customers have a transparent look into the possible issues with a product. Thus having a social media handle for a business is a necessary means to resolve any complaints meaningfully. This not only helps in building fans but also helps in letting everyone know how much a business values its customers.

How To Build A Good Social Media Handle

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A good social media handle should be simple, elegant and functional. Right now, companies use each social media handle differently. Twitter is all about short discussions, complaints and resolutions. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram focus more on building brand image and attracting customers. Thus each of the online network handles should serve its purposes.

On Facebook and Instagram, businesses can focus on creating short content, posts and collaborations with other celebrities to promote their products. This can have a huge impact on the public. On Twitter, companies shall focus on addressing customer complaints and providing solutions.

Going Viral: What Does It Mean?

Going viral implies that content has attained huge engagements, has reached many people and received many shares. Viral contents often imply that the content has received immense popularity in a relatively short period. The influence of social media on our society has led people with content-creation skills to become famous overnight.

A mere 10-second video with great content has helped people become famous worldwide. It’s the power networking sites hold nowadays.

Factors That Influence Viral Content

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Viral contents do not have a prescribed format or methods. It’s the perspective of people that decides how content engages with the community. Despite the individual differences, there is something common in all the viral contents to date, the dressing and fashion sense. Almost all the quality contents contain funny merchandise that seeks people’s attention.

People are often attracted by the merchandise they wear on various viral content, which often creates trends in schools and colleges that replace uniforms on special occasions. These, in turn, add potential marketability to content on various online platforms.

The presence of social media influencers is another factor that can influence the engagement received for content. When the businesses combine all the factors, it will be a good opportunity to create viral content and help the business gain more online presence and attention.

Profits Vs. Loss: Can Social Media Create The Difference

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Content creators worldwide have resorted to using their followers to create brand value. In this modern-day, content creators have realized the potential of having social media influence. Thus, many content creators have created their brands of merchandise, drinks and even food stores and developed them as a potential revenue source. Many of these stores and products are currently competing with other products, and still, the products backed by various content creators are making a huge revenue in the market.

The free advertisement and engagement created by online platforms cannot be avoided, and every business should use any potential social media provides. This would greatly impact channeling revenue and controlling costs spent on advertisement and promotion.

Social media handles also provide a means of customer service for the public. Thus, it is an invaluable resource that businesses can rely on for after-sales support. This can also reduce investment in call centers and other infrastructure for customer service.

Thus in multiple ways, online networking handles have the potential to control costs in terms of infrastructure and other investments; thus, it can help in increasing the profit margins and reducing the long-term losses incurred by businesses.


Due to the immense competition in all fields, businesses have dedicated themselves to trying new methods to attract customers. Utilizing the wide user base of social media, it has become a number one marketplace for businesses to announce and introduce their products.

Unlike ancient times, the notion of adverts has attained a new face; social media plays a huge role in this phase change. With the changes in technology, it has become much easier and simpler for businesses to gain consumers; they can use engaging and funny content to increase online attention to their brands.